Alleged #Tinder #rapist #cries after #committed to stand #trial

ON Tinder, Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland portrayed himself as a man of pure steel.

In the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, he wept and called for tissues.

A jury will now decide his fate after a magistrate committed him to stand trial on five counts of rape, three charges of assault, and indecent assault and false imprisonment counts. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The court heard that Mr Hartland had met all of his accusers on the online dating app Tinder.

At least some of the girls knew him simply as Dylan.

On social media, Mr Hartland claimed to be a fitness fanatic who participated in triathlons.

But according to the case against him, Mr Hartland was a nasty predator who was hiding ugly secrets.

One of the complainants told a friend that Mr Hartland was “a monster. I can’t believe what he’s done.”

She has accused him of raping her after a day of drinking, not long after she began seeing him.

Her friend told the court: “I don’t think she could comprehend that he could do such a thing.”

Mr Hartland faced a four-day preliminary hearing to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to commit him to stand trial.

The hearing was closed to the public for all but a few hours.

Mr Hartland’s arrest last July was among the first to be made by Victoria Police’s Family Violence Taskforce.

At his appearance in court last July, Mr Hartland could be heard complaining that the media coverage would affect his sponsorship deals.

Just before Christmas Mr Hartland, who had been on bail, was locked up after he was accused of intimidating one of his accusers in the street. Police say he yelled: “There’s no point hiding, you liar”.

Mr Hartland had been expected to apply for bail again this week, but withdrew the application at the last moment.

One of the complainants, who cannot be named for legal reasons, described Mr Hartland as a sick pervert.

“He’s a shape shifter,” she said.

“One minute he’s a lawyer, the next he’s a pro snowboarder.”

Mr Hartland appeared in the County Court today and was remanded to stand trial in October.