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As a teenager, I was sold a dream. I was told being single meant Cosmopolitans, chiselled admirers and dates so glamorous they called for full-length dresses. In reality, a ballgown only generates uncomfortable stares in my local pub, and the closest I’ve come to chiselled was when I matched with a carpenter on Hinge. As with much of life, being single doesn’t look like it did in the pictures. Plus, the perks that single people are offered – the nights out with friends that don’t require syncing diaries with children’s after-school activities, the excitement of flirting with a stranger in a pub garden and the freedom to host an afterparty on a whim – were stripped from us last year.

Suddenly, single people were banished to their rooms without anyone to play with. For me, the feelings of isolation were compounded by an early lockdown break-up and the fact that I live alone. Determined to secure my own companion for all future global pandemics, I set about online dating with renewed vigour. All apps were subscribed to, holiday snaps were uploaded and pithy answers to generic questions were generated.

Initially, dates involved the obligatory lap around the park, KeepCup in hand, debating which version of The Office was superior and comparing Uber ratings. But the harsh daylight, constant movement and government-mandated 2 metres of distance between us just wasn’t conducive to romance. And that’s when I discovered the magic of Zoom dating. I expected it to be stale and riddled with awkward frozen screen moments, but with a trusty ethernet cable in hand, I found a new sense of control and security. And I loved it.

The most obvious positive is that you are never at risk on a digital date. While the vast majority of online dates go without a hitch, there are times when someone can end up being creepy at best and dangerous at worst. If you get to know each other on Zoom, you reduce the chances that you could have an uncomfortable or traumatic experience. If they turn out to be off-key, you can click the little “X” in the top right-hand corner and walk away.

A second major pro is that dating can be pretty expensive. Long gone are the days when being asked on a date amounted to a complimentary meal from a man with a pocket-square. My recent dating activity has seen me go Dutch so many times that I’m considering applying to Holland for citizenship. I see this as an understandable sacrifice in exchange for my feminism. 

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