Ama Ahemm

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Facebook: Oheema Edison

Scammer’s Country: Ghana

Scammer’s Email:

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Facebook found him

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Other Observations About The Scammer: 

Asking for money. Monies were sent at Christmas. Talking about marriage and coming to USA to be with an older gentleman, lonely and 61. The gentlemen is a family member.
Using videos and sending pictures through google, talking, sex, some
Nudity . I am a family member that stumbled across weeks of
computer messages. Recept was copied. She is half the mans age by the age she gave him of 35 born 1/3 /82. Says she has a 7 year old boy for him to adopt. Wants help for a orphanage, and someone in the hospital. Plans are to send
Her money in the future to meet the gentleman in Mexico late February.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

I have about 50 pictures from the computer captured with text, and pictures