Amanda john


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:amanda

Scammer’s Country: Nigeria

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : ilikeyou on facebook

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How re you doing over there today, I have passed through your profile earlier today but just can’t go by it again without dropping you this piece of note cos I sensed some maturity in your profile. I am new on here and looking for a serious and mature man who wants a serious relationship, if you think you are serious and mature enough to start this and see where it leads, kindly text me to know what you think about me….. //4//6//9///4///1///4///7//3//8//4 add me up on h/a/n/g/o/u/t amandajohn360@gmail.comi/

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This scammer or scamming group is running a lot of scams it mentioned, Nigeria, but reverse image searches reveal Ghana as a possible location. I did my research as I was highly suspicious. I feel its multiple people after saying the English was bad and that I know a lot of Nigerians are into scams, the English vastly improved and the game was stepped up. they aren’t aware that I know I did briefly say are you sure your not a scammer and I got told that it upset “her” and really pissed her off. I found linked in accounts for possibly fraudulent companies also Ghana dating sites. requested to chat in hangouts which I know no is where a lot of scammers hide. I’m particularly concerned as terrorists was mentioned randomly in the conversation after I said I done a tour of duty in afganistan. “there are a lot of terrorists there” was what was said I’m aware these scammers are sometimes funding terrorism.

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ilikeyou on facebook