Amanda Smith

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Amanda Smith

Scammer’s Country: Ghana

Scammer’s Email: Amandasmith@odebola.omotayo

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Facebook

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She asked me to buy her a $50 internet connection card. And I did then she wanted to come over to meet me and if I Want her to come to me and be my wife. I fell in love with her and then she kept asking when I was going to send her the money for her ticket. I kept telling her that I was working on it that I couldn’t come up with $3790 right away. Then she kept asking me saying that she wanted to come to me she loves me and can’t wait to be with me. So I borrowed it from a friend of mine. and sent it to her she told me the flt itinerary and she would call me as soon as she gets in then I can wait outside the airport for her. Well I was a fool she was never on the passenger list when I went to inquire about the flight info to the airline agent.