Amazon Alexa can now help you get a DATE after eharmony launches UK’s first voice-activated dating service


Checking your potential dates just got a whole lot easier, as eharmony has become the UK’s first dating service to team up with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Lonely Brits can now check their matches using the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo and and Echo Dot , without having to lift a finger.

Those looking for love on the dating site can chat to the voice-controlled assistant with a number of queries including: “Alexa, ask eharmony about my matches”.

The virtual assistant will respond with information about the person’s matches, as well as sharing messages, summarising their daily activity and even delivering profile pictures to subscribers’ smartphones on demand. Users can also ask Alexa to find out who’s viewed their profile.

What’s more, Alexa will respond with encouraging comments like “You have five unread messages today, woo hoo!” and “You are popular today!”.

The chatty voice assistant will also give other glimpses of encouragement including “Let me tell you about your first match. Ooh la la! She lives five miles away!” and “Oh and there is X. What a catch! He seems great”.

To get started, eharmony users first have to link their account with Alexa on their Echo or Dot device and then say “Alexa, open eharmony”. From there they can navigate to the different sections of eharmony using voice control. As the app reads though the profiles and tells the user about their matches, it will send a photo of each potential date to the user’s smartphone.

“Deeper interaction with technology has reached exciting new levels, and we are proud to be the brand leading the charge when it comes to dating and relationships,” says Romain Bertrand, UK Country Manager for eharmony.

“We also know online dating can sometimes feel like a daunting if not solitary task. We’re confident that with Alexa on board we can increase confidence and create a deeper sense of intimacy for those using our service. Alexa will act as a guiding hand giving feedback on matches’ interests, personality traits and crucially, their levels of compatibility.”

Dating apps are responsible for creating 14% of all current relationships, with almost 17 million single people in Britain using them to find love, according to research published earlier this year.

However, a study published earlier this week revealed that nearly a third of Brits use dating apps while in a relationship . The survey of 2,100 UK adults from Slater and Gordon Lawyers showed that just under half of men in relationships (46%) admitted to using dating apps, comapared to a significantly lower 21% of women.

While established players like Tinder dominate the online dating space, newcomers are appearing on a regular basis, often with a slightly more quirky approach. For example, the Badoo dating appuses facial recognition technology to search for matches that resemble celebrities.