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Successful Ceo of the dating app Snatchable, wishes to expand his dating app in other countries. The dating app is currently operating in the United Kingdom and India. It offers great features such as selfie verification, video calling and instant messaging.

Amit Seyani said, “There are big hopes to expand the dating app in other countries such as Australia, America, Brazil and the UAE. There are such huge populations in these countries and I believe that they can benefit from accessing an app that has such a great app, for a low price.” The dating app Snatchable has thrived against its competitors, in such a short time frame. There has been a positive response from those using the app, for they feel safe and comfortable to meet people online.

Amit is also planning on expanding in communities, such as the muslim community and has a positive approach to this. Amit understands that it is difficult to date in a muslim community, due to the traditions it comes with. However, he believes that there should be a modernized approach to dating, since our generation is becoming more open minded. He said, “I do not want to respect the traditions of a culture, however everybody should have the chance to experience the changes that we see and how online dating is becoming more and more normal.”

Online dating has peaked highly over the years and people now prefer or have adjusted to talking to people online first. Due to the power of social media such as Instagram and Facebook, dating apps such as Snatchable have a similar concept  of connecting with each other; but in the safest way possible. Amit stated, “Snatchable is a safe app to use, since we have features such as the selfie verification. This helps people ensure that they are not speaking to a catfish, but someone who is legitimate.” Snatchable and other online companies such as Airbnb have this feature, in order to protect everybody and verify the person online.

Snatchable is unique in comparison to other dating apps, since the price for the package is low. Amit was inspired to create the dating app, after having to see that his competitors were selling decent packages, but at a price that was a bit pricer than usual. He stated, “Online platforms are now the best way to sell products and services that customers need, but you have to be reasonable with the prices. Given the covid-19 situation, we are going to be in an economic climate for at least 5 years, so it will be harder for people too. Most people have become unemployed, so my motive was to offer a dating app that anybody can sustainably use.”

Amit is also talking to charities in regards to helping take action to fight against human trafficking and child exploitation. Amit is strongly against human trafficking and child exploitation and has vowed to give 5% of all his net profits from his company, in order to help the cause. “It is important for me to help eradicate human trafficking, since it has alway been something that I am strongly against from a young age. Right now, I am talking with some charities and hope to soon put this all in action.”

When it comes to people meeting face to face after talking online for a while, Amit believes that the ideal first date should be somewhere casual like a coffee shop. Amit said, “I do believe that in order to get the best time out of a first date, you should be somewhere where you both feel comfortable. Being in a coffee shop is casual and you are also safe in regards to your surroundings too. You both get to pick up from where you left off online and you get to learn more about each other just by what you have both been doing this whole time; talking.”

Amit believes that the secrets to his success is being able to understand the trends and how long it lasts for, knowing what suits people and what they want and being clear about his business goals. He generally looks up to business minded people such as Elon Musk.

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