‘Angel Shot’ protects women at Hermosa Beach bar


 – A popular Hermosa Beach bar has implemented a creative way to protect its female clientele, and all they have to do is order a special drink called an ‘Angel Shot.’

When women walk into the restroom at Patrick Molloy’s, they’re greeted by a sign that gives them specific instructions on what to tell a bartender if there is an issue with their date.

Ordering an “Angel Shot” clean will get the woman an escort to her car.

Ordering an “Angel Shot” with ice will result in the bartender calling an Uber or a Lyft for the woman.

Ordering an “Angel Shot” with lime will result in the bartender calling the police on the woman’s behalf.

‘The Angel Shot program is to help females just in case they go on a blind date like with Tinder, Plentyoffish, all that stuff, if they feel uncomfortable in any way, they can give us a secret code and we can help them,” said Vi Nguyen, the bar manager at Patrick Molloy’s.  ‘We got a lot of good feedback from the girls who do see the posters in the bathroom stalls and that’s one of the best things ever.’

‘I think it’s a great idea, you never know if someone’s setting you up on a blind date with someone whose kind of creepy, so I think coming out and having that service for us is a great idea,” said Maya Pacheco, a patron at the bar. ‘It totally saves us and gets us away from a weird situation.’

The men FOX 11 spoke to at the bar agreed.

‘I think it’s a good idea,when you do online dating, you never know who you’re gonna meet, just to be frank,” said Jacob Wood.  “I wish there was something like that for guys, you know, when you meet a crazy woman.’

‘Anything to help alleviate men being harassing is needed in Hermosa Beach, it’s needed everywhere,” said Chris Kelleher. “Women are allowed to have a good time without guys impeding their enjoyment.’

Nguyen told FOX 11 the system has been in place for several months, and that so far, no woman has had to order an ‘Angel Shot’.


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