Anthony Werner

First name: Anthony

Last name: Werner

Aka: unknown

Name aliases: Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antony, Johnn, Toni, Tonny, Tony


Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Midrand (South Africa)

Also claims to be in: Sydney, Australia

Address(es): unknown

Phone number(s): 61488879143

E-mail address(es):

Operates on website(s): Zoosk

Scam media: unknown

Scam Report(s)

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Report N1 (added on April, 11, 2018)

I first contacted this person on Zoosk and received an immediate response to further a relationship. We were going to meet for coffee but he had to abruptly leave the country to complete a mining project he was working on in South Africa (He sent a copy of a letter from the South African Government testifying on the required rectification works required for the mining project.) We continued communicating when, after a week, everything seemed to go pear-shape for him. There was a terrible work place accident involving 4 part-time workers on the site that needed to be hospitalised. He had no insurance for these workers and had to pay their hospitalisation. Part of the equipment was damaged as a result of the accident, so it had to be flown in from Germany at great expense. At that point, he asked me to help him financially on the basis that he would reimburse me when his contract, allegedly worth millions, was paid – I refused. Somehow, he seemed to have managed to pay for the equipment and the workers. Then a few days later, at the completion of the job, he was asked to pay taxes to the South African Government before receiving the contract money. Again official documents from the South African government were sent to me, they appeared authentic with the correct stamp which I checked on the South African government website. He asked me to help him pay the taxes – in excess of US$100,000. At that point, I believed he could be a scammer. By entering part of his emails into my browser, all of his correspondence appeared on scam websites including yours. I then stopped all communication with him.

Catherine (Australia)