offers protection against scammers from Russia offers protection against women scammers from Russia. is one of the most popular and widely-trusted platform when men from all around the world get a chance to help each other in fighting against Russian scammers.

AntiArnaques is basically an interactive website where men help each other from getting scammed by Russian and also Ukrainian women by informing each other about scammers and uploading the latest profile of the scamming women. As stated on the’s website, “ is an interactive website where men help each other to fight against Russian scammers. Site members can participate in the scam forum, browse the blacklist of Russian women, add Russian and Ukrainian girls to the blacklist and benefit the unique service of Russian women identity, background, pictures, e-mail, visa, travel documents, address official and express verification.”

Scamming has now become a huge profit gaining business. There are many groups over the internet who professionally scam men and there are very few forums available that guide men about these scamming women. The forums that are available either do not have a large database regarding the Russian scamming women, or their own reliability is under question. But, not only is’s database is huge, but it’ also the most trusted website for protection against Russian scammer women.
“We help our members in verifying the identities and authenticity of the photos of Russian or Ukrainian women who they communicate with or plan to marry. Our members can check Russian woman identity like her actual address, he actual name, her actual pictures, and other such details within a matter of minutes. We use the public and private databases of Russian and Ukrainian citizens that are reserved to the official authorities for Russian and Ukrainian women background check. So, our information is always authentic and trustable,” stated the spokesperson of while discussing the authenticity and reliability of their work.’s dating scams forum has help save many men from being scammed by Russian Women. So, if one is planning to date someone they do not personally know, they could always double check the identity of that girl through is an interactive website that allows men inform each other about Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European scammer women. It allows its member to check the blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian scammers, finding out their actual identity, a great forum for discussing scammers, and many other things which are helpful in identifying scammer women.

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