April 2014 Breaking News Human trafficking a security concern at the Super Bowl in New Jersey


April 2014 Breaking News New Jersey law enforcement Human trafficking a security concern at the Denver Bronco’s vs Seattle Seahawk’s Super Bowl http://www.gs…


26 thoughts on “April 2014 Breaking News Human trafficking a security concern at the Super Bowl in New Jersey

  1. u2bheavenbound

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  2. Shawnee Love

    Many people are now using my catch phrase, “Our Voices will Be Heard!” PRAY
    OUT LOUD! Where two or more gather!
    I am glad that I raised My Voice! Let’s Continue to Stand Up for Ourselves
    and Who and What We Believe In People!?

  3. Shawnee Love

    Purple Hearts Missions Possible’s Heart Line <3 1-888-383-4838?

  4. donald eugene

    At one time in the past, there was evidence of young prostitutes visiting
    the White House. Even some in our own government are or have been involved
    with children for sex. All of this has been since covered up, or witnesses
    killed. Sickos.?

  5. franniesbigday

    I didn’t really think about this until you posted your video. Christians,
    when we pray, please remember the rescuers, these victims and the
    traffickers. Yes—Jesus said pray for our enemies. As a Christian, I vow
    to stand in prayer for all concerned in this, everyday @12Noon central for
    1 minute for the next 30 days. Please stand with me, asking for God’s will.
    Keep praying—after all, someone kept praying for you until Jesus freed
    you. And Jesus continues to pray for us, even now.

  6. AwakeInNJ999

    The government is not going to investigate itself.

  7. Steve Donovan

    We need a clean sweep out in the government. Put in ppl like peter joseph,
    jaque fresco, alex jones, jesse ventura, ron paul, and captain fucking
    america! Iceland made their gov resign peacefully. We must do the same. But
    we cant return to the market system that created a corrupt state. New
    horizons with a recource based economy.

  8. Greek Olive

    Jesus said MOST people will go to hell and the minority will escape hell!
    Woe to them that call evil good (Isa:5:20) – offenses will come but woe
    unto him through whom they come! (Mt 18:7)

  9. Maria Herrera

    No, that’s not slavery. You are not being exploited are you?

  10. franniesbigday

    We continue to stand every day at 12 noon central for 1 minute to pray for
    the victims for the rescuers for the traffickers Our God is greater than
    any Jesus is King and leads our fight cnn reports 4 dead in triple-murder
    suicide pact linked to child porn probe, police say wed october 9 2013 We
    continue to stand each day. You are invited to stand with us. Colossians

  11. MrMorethanexist

    Human society and civilisation is falling apart! Its about time folk sorted
    out the mess! Enough of the insanity – lets get our countries back from the
    savages and barbarians. Evil is Evil

  12. ChildOf Christ

    What drives human trafficking????? GREED that’s the drive grrr.

  13. tannerps2004

    The CIA runs a child snatching and drug laundering ring and may also be
    sacrificing children to their OWL God Molech as was depicted in The Bible
    in Lev? Or Deuto? That the ancient Cannanite Pagan Priests conducted. It is
    not a spectacle and is for The Globalist Elite. It’s apparently for real!
    Even though, Alex Jones didn’t sneak his way in and he’s one of them and
    part of the bait and switch as he is a Jesuit Co-Adjutor. Knight of Malta
    Vatican Assassin. CIA.

  14. Praise JESUS

    UGH!!!!!!! COME LORD JESUS!!!!! MARANATHA!!!!!!

  15. franniesbigday

    On Monday September 30 2013 CNN reported: Police Rescue 73 from a House in
    Northern Mexico, six of them minors To our God, Lord Jesus, goes the glory.
    ‘Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God.’ Psalm 50:14 We continue to stand
    as Christians, every day @12noon central for 1 minute to pray. For the
    victims, for the rescuers and for the perpetrators of Human Trafficking.
    God hears and in his infinite wisdom, will lead us on our paths. Let us
    pray for his will. He loves us.

  16. artsychic2000

    Yes, please save all the people that are subject to human trafficking. Be
    sure to document them and put them on the ever burdening tax role. If
    they’re going to be slaves they may as well contribute to the war effort.

  17. Daniel Wright

    I can not believe this man quoited scripture right there, God bless him,
    praise the lord.

  18. franniesbigday

    Thank you to those who are standing with me.

  19. Wayne Brooks

    Ecclesiastes 12:14……For God(Yahweh) shall bring every work into
    judgment, Including EVERY SECRET THING, Whether it be Good or Evil. These
    evil individuals are not getting away with anything. They might be getting
    away with this before men, but the Judge of the whole world will do right
    and judge them with righteous judgment. Woe unto them for it is a Fearful
    thing to fall into the hands of the one and only HOLY GOD!!!

  20. franniesbigday

    We are making a difference! We continue to pray for God’s will. CNN:
    October 22 2013. Greece mystery girl: Investigators look at 10 missing
    children cases. Athens (CNN) — About 10 cases of missing children are
    “being taken very seriously” in connection with the suspected abduction of
    a girl by a Roma couple in Greece, a spokesman for a Greek children’s
    charity said Tuesday. “They include children from the United States,
    Canada, Poland and France,”

  21. franniesbigday

    Daily mail.co.UK *10 men jailed for 34 years for sexually exploiting a
    teenager, 13. Mother discovers shocking content on daughter’s phone, alerts
    police 10/3rd/13 *real estate mogal, 70, charged with sex trafficking two
    girls, 12 & 13. Michael lustig, San Diego, was arrested this week following
    a 1 year investigation into prostitution and sex trafficking. Thank you,
    God, so much. For your endless love. For hearing our prayers.

  22. Chad Kilburn

    WOW!!! A Senater That quoted the BIBLE in the Senate……. And not
    arrested or shut down! Interesting!

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