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Out of all the dating series that come and go, Channel 4’s First Dates has proven itself as one of the most successful. There have been marriages and even babies resulting from the blind dates.

First Dates series 13 episode 3 introduced viewers to Rich and Cara from Newport, Wales. Everyone was desperate to know if things worked out for the adorable couple after they clicked on their first date, and have been looking for the answer ever since the episode aired over six months ago.

So, are Rich and Cara still together? We’ve done some digging into the First Dates couple for updates in 2020.

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E3 – 4oD

Who are Rich and Cara?

Richard “Rich” Davenport, 31, is a rugby player from Newport who described himself on First Dates as “horrendously stereotypical Welshman who plays rugby.” He came onto the show looking for love but also looking for someone who would put up with the third party in the relationship: Rich’s dog Marley.

Cara, 24, who is also from Newport was convinced that she would not be able to find love in her hometown. She said: “A lot of the men in my area, they don’t want to commit. I don’t think I’m going to find the love of my life in Newport.”

Cara said she liked rugby lads but was also looking for “a gentleman.”

  • UPDATE: Hayley and Nick from First Dates Hotel split

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E3 – 4oD

Rich and Cara on First Dates

Rich and Cara instantly hit it off bonding over their hometown and the fact they went to the same school – St. Mary’s. They were even finishing each other’s sentences just moments into the first date!

It looked like a match made in heaven as the date went on, with Rich and Cara even jokingly admitting that they loved each other.

By the end, they both agreed to a second date and even shared a kiss. Some viewers were hoping this was their happy ever after but unfortunately we have some news which will disappoint.

Are Rich and Cara still together


Unfortunately the First Dates pairing are not together. Channel 4 shared a clip of the video to Facebook where Rich confirmed in the comments that he was not with Cara.

There were reports that Rich’s Facebook profile picture in 2019 was a photo of himself and a new girlfriend, however those pictures have since been removed or made private.

We found Rich on Instagram, however his account is private.





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