AriZona Iced Tea Merch: How to Get Their New Shirts, Swim Trunks & More | #tinder | #pof


Before today, there were two different types of food and beverage merchandise: the kind you don’t wear on a date (sorry Dunkin’, Taco Bell, and Blockbuster) and the hot-as-hell Popeyes line that was just released this year.

But now, style daddy Popeyes has an unlikely fashion competitor: AriZona Iced Tea. The hypebeast drink company just released a line of summer clothing that I’d certainly wear outside, especially to grab AriZona Iced Teas with random Tinder honeys.

Call me a scumbro, but the Green Tea Cherry Blossom Swim Trunks and “Have an Iced Tea Day” t-shirt completely reflect the fashion trends of our times, particularly for Gen Z and young Millennials. They’re both comfy, boldly colored, and ironic, and neither pieces are particularly gendered. The items are priced at $35 and $20 respectively, and you can buy ’em on the company’s website.

While you’re on the website you might as well grab a 12-pack of the tea; they are literally cheaper than water. You can also buy an Arizona beach towel for $35, which I would have appreciated back in fifth grade when my mother gave me her beer-themed beach towels to take to summer camp. 

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