Ashley Madison’s Female Users Are Non-existent


Ashleymadison screenshot shutteredFINANCIAL POST – Aug 28 – In April, Ashley Madison‘s head of international relations Christoph Kraemer estimated the company’s value at $1B, pegging the ratio of men to women in the 30-45 age range at ~50-50. But a data analysis by the Gawker affiliate Gizmodo revealed there were only 5.5M female profiles and only ~12K of them displayed evidence of being connected to actual women who used the site. 10K accounts were registered to email addresses, while ~81K appear to have been created on an Ashley Madison computer, based on their IP addresses. If those allegations are true that’s likely the last nail in the coffin for the site, said dating company consultant Mark Brooks. “I think people would have forgiven (the security breach). I think they would have gotten over that, as long as they put safeguards in place so it doesn’t happen again,” Brooks said. “This, they don’t move on from. This means this brand is not trustworthy. That’s a big deal.”

by Claire Brownell
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Mark Brooks: Alexa tells us that the female population is greatly under-represented and their confidence on this stat is ‘high.’ 
AM Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.56.54Similarweb shows us that the top referring sites to AM are porn sites.
AM Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.59.36Looks like Ashley Madison falls into a category that I like to call ‘High Emotion Entertainment.’ Users get entertained. They may well get emotional support. But the chances of much more are slim. Still, there are plenty of users willing to pay for hope. AM proves that point magnificently.

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