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The age of four is a particularly wonderful stage of childhood, Children this age tend to be lively, fun, affectionate, and fascinating. Because his time with his son is precious — and fleeting — your guy wants to hoard it. He is likely conflicted because he wants to spend time with both you and his son.

You should ask your guy to be honest with you regarding his son’s affection for you. Let him know that you will support his relationship with his child in whatever ways the father needs, including making sure the two have plenty of alone time. If this dad can establish a nice routine (a “Dad’s night” followed by a playdate with you the next day), this will give the two more time to bond and create unique and private experiences for them to share.

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Dear Amy: I recently graduated college and was surprised to receive a card and $100 in the mail from an uncle I am somewhat estranged from.

He is a toxic person who is very difficult to be around, although I’ve always tried to be cordial. He has truly caused hurt for people in my family and shows no signs of changing.

I decided to thank him for his gift through a nice, private Facebook message.

He replied graciously. My parents found out, however, and are angry that I didn’t call to thank him personally for such a generous gift.

They said if I’m so against having a relationship with him, I should return the money, but Amy, in my current financial situation, I can’t afford to pass up a gift, and I think it would do more harm than good to return it!

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