Astrologically speaking rationally…by Ananur (Carol) Forma for the first days in June 2021 – Rockland – Camden – Knox – Courier-Gazette | #relationshipscams | #dating


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June starts out with playful energies in place, then Saturn and Uranus’ disruptive energies will take over. This same aspect (mathematical relationship) took place between November 2020 until February 2021. This is a heads up to prepare emotionally for. It will also take place one more time, in December until January 2022. Change is inevitable and not comfortable. There’s no way for me to make this information easy to digest. I will be writing more about it. The best advice I can give is to contact your legislators and let them know what you want.  Democracy is at stake as Biden has said. I agree.

June 1 – 3 Great aspects are taking place. The Sun in Gemini in a fine aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, offering steadfast patience and concentration when you need it. You’ve got a realistic attitude about what’s taking place in the world. Your inner strength is highly valued by those who are struggling during uncertain times. Venus is in a fine aspect with Jupiter. It’s time to celebrate your family and express your appreciation for who they are as unique individuals. This could be an ideal time for a marriage ceremony if the planets fit with your charts.


June 2 – 27 Venus is visiting Cancer. You want certain friends to know that you consider them family. Spending time together, you enjoy cooking, baking, and sharing affection. Finances improve this month because of Venus’ contacts with the US chart. The placement of Venus with the natal chart for the US (which was born on July 4, 1776) with the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus all in family-oriented Cancer proves that family is indeed the foundation which needs to be strengthened. I see this taking place.


June 3 – 5 Watch out for scams. Mercury is in a difficult aspect with Neptune. Anytime Neptune is in a challenging aspect with Mercury it will cause confusion and delusional thinking. Wishful thinking can get in the way of knowing what’s what. Talking with a friend will bring expanded awareness. Mars is opposing Pluto, which brings about awareness of control issues. Sometimes this aspect is dangerous. Be prepared to respond by standing strong for higher principles.


June 10 there will be a solar eclipse at6:53 a.m. east coast although we will not see it we will for sure feel the intensity and confusion it will surely bring. Find a good book to indulge in. I’ve been reading a book by Isira a spiritual teacher in Australia. Can’t put it down. You will need to find something you can’t put down.

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