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Date2relate steve spectorOPW INTERVIEW – Aug 7 – Steve Spector was an attorney, and now he’s an Internet dating entrepreneur. He’s launching Date2Relate this week, which will help users manage their Internet dating life across several sites. Here’s our interview with Steve… – Mark Brooks

What is Date2Relate?
Date2Relate is not a traditional dating site. It is a supportive community of online dating professionals that will help you navigate the online dating world.

What’s your personal background?
I’ve had a career as a lawyer. I owned a worldwide niche compact disc business, and freelanced as a small business marketing consultant.

What inspired you to start a dating site?
What brought me to the Idate space was my personal frustration with online dating. There wasn’t any dating site that would provide useful information to online daters as well as guidance and support. It’s hard not to have expectations of meeting that special person and when it doesn’t happen within your timeframe you may get frustrated, angry, and even depressed. These moods affect all of dealings with online prospects. Our team eliminates this “beaten down” factor by shielding the client from online rejection and from those who aren’t serious.

What services do you provide to online daters?
We offer a subscription based service called “Total Dating Life Management (TDLM) solution”. It provides users with a daily contact with a Total Dating Life Management Counselor (TDLMC) who will be managing their online dating life across a number of platforms. These folks will already have a summary of who their clients are based upon the answers in their Intake Survey. This package will also include a dating site photo and profile analysis, a review of the best sites to focus on, complete dating prospect correspondence, scheduling of a first date, and even access to accredited dating coaches. Many of these services will also be available as “specialty service” options.

We’ll be donating 1% of our weekly net profits to Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation, the organisation that fights domestic violence and whose slogan is the powerful ‘No More.’

The site will also feature an extensive book review section, blog posts on all things dating and relationships, a cartoon section, a dating gallery of archival couples photos, quizzes, contests, and much more.

How much will you charge?
Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent. We charge fixed fees for certain services such as profile writing or undertaking a background check.  These services are discounted when bundled. And as for our Total Dating Life Management Solution, we have two subscription periods: a 3-month membership and a 6-month membership in which we will undertake (with your permission) to run your dating life for you up until you decide it’s time to schedule your 1st date.

How do you plan to grow to critical mass?
We’ve limited our efforts to the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Ireland. We have an extensive PR campaign planned and a social media campaign locked and loaded.

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