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What do men REALLY want? Males reveal the personality traits they find most attractive in a woman – and you might be surprised

  • Louanne Ward is a relationship expert from Perth in Western Australia
  • She deciphers what singles really want in her Facebook group, She Said, He Said 
  • Ms Ward asked men the personality traits they most appreciate in the fairer sex
  • They are most interested in honest, confident women with an appetite for fun
  • Men are also attracted to kind, appreciative and trustworthy women 

Men are most interested in honest, confident women with an appetite for fun, according to a top relationship coach.

Louanne Ward deciphers what singles really want in her Facebook group, She Said He Said, by asking hundreds of men people to rank the qualities they find most attractive in potential partners.

Honesty was named the personality trait men value most in women in a recent poll conducted by the dating expert from Perth, Western Australia, with 21.3 percent of the votes. 

Confidence and good self-esteem were second at 20 percent, followed by playfulness at 18 percent.

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Louanne Ward, a relationship coach and dating expert from Perth, Western Australia 


Which personality trait do you find most attractive in a woman?

  • Honesty 215 votes
  • Confidence 102 votes
  • Playfulness 145 votes
  • Kindness 206 votes
  • Loyalty 181 votes

Fourth position was a tie between gratefulness, positivity and appreciation, and kindness, with an equal share of 14 percent.

Loyalty and trustworthiness rounded out the top five with 12.6 percent.

Further down the list were emotional intelligence, drive and ambition and academic intelligence.

A romantic nature was the quality men valued least in their partners.

Last week, Ms Ward conducted a poll to determine which physical qualities men appreciate most in women, with surprising results. 

What men value most in women


 1. Honesty 21.3 percent

2. Confidence 20 percent

3. Playfulness 18 percent

4. Kindness/Gratefulness 14 percent

5. Loyalty 12.6 percent


 1. Eyes 41.6 percent

2. Smile 29.6 percent

3. Bum 12.2 percent

4. Breasts 9.2 percent

5. Legs 7.4 percent

 Source: Louanne Ward via She Said He Said


Which physical trait do you find most attractive on a woman?

  • Eyes 527 votes
  • Smile 461 votes
  • Breasts 258 votes
  • Bum 281 votes
  • Legs 166 votes

Rather than obvious choices like lips, breasts or legs, 41.6 percent of male voters said eyes are the feature they find most attractive. 

Smile was second at 29.6 percent, followed by bottom at 12.2 percent.

In fourth and fifth position were breasts (9.2 per cent) and legs (7.4 per cent), with a healthy body shape, hair and personal style rounding out the list.

‘The eyes have it, then the way she carries herself, and finally, how she presents herself,’ one man said. 

‘The first thing I notice is her eyes. I can almost read a person and it’s strange but the eyes truly are the gateway to one’s soul… then I notice the hair, I love a woman with long, beautiful hair,’ said another.

Ms Ward in a professional shot for her eponymous dating agency, Louanne Ward Matchmaking

Some men said they were embarrassed to name breasts as their favourite feature, perhaps fearing a backlash from the rest of the group. 

But Ms Ward asked for honesty in her research, saying: ‘There is nothing shameless about appreciating a woman’s breasts, they are part of her feminine form, plus you don’t have any which makes them more fascinating’.

She said physicality is an important part of relationships because if a person isn’t immediately attracted to someone, it’s unlikely they will spend time getting to know what their personality is like. 

You can follow Louanne Ward on Facebook here or read more dating tips on her website.

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