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What do women REALLY want in a man? Dating coach who went viral by revealing what men are looking for is back with a wishlist for female daters

  • Louanne Ward is a relationship expert from Perth in Western Australia
  • She deciphers what singles really want in her Facebook group, She Said, He Said
  • Ms Ward recently asked women what personality type they are most attracted 
  • They are most interested in funny, loyal and confident men who can be trusted
  • Women are also drawn to honest, caring and intelligent men who have ambition

Women are most attracted to funny, loyal and confident men who are trustworthy and aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, a top dating coach has revealed.

Louanne Ward deciphers what singles really want in her Facebook group, She Said He Said, by asking hundreds of people to rank the physical qualities and personality traits they most value in potential partners.

Earlier this week, the Perth relationship expert went viral by revealing the traits that men really want in women, with honesty, confidence and an appetite for fun topping the list. 

Now, she’s done a poll to find out what women are seeking in a partner, and humour and a fun-loving disposition were narrowly named the most attractive characteristics, topping the list with 19.3 percent of votes.

Loyalty and confidence or natural charisma came a close second with a joint share of 18.3 percent, while honesty was third with 17 percent.

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Perth relationship coach Louanne Ward, whose research reveals women are most attracted to funny, loyal and confident men


Which personality trait do you find most attractive in a man?

  • Humour 183 votes
  • Loyalty 130 votes
  • Confidence 70 votes
  • Honesty 91 votes
  • Intelligence 69 votes
  • Kindness 123 votes

Intelligence was fourth with 14.37 percent followed by kindness on 12.4 percent. 

Spelling and grammar were a surprise entry near the top of the list, with women drawn to men who know their ‘to’ from ‘too’.

‘It seems [we] like attention to detail,’ Ms Ward told Daily Mail Australia.

Further down the list were communication, drive or ambition and thoughtfulness. 

Ms Ward noted interesting differences between the personality traits women value in men and vice versa, having conducted the same poll from a male perspective earlier this week.

Men ranked dress sense as ninth most important while women never made reference to personal style. 

What women value most in men


1. Humour 19.6 percent

2. Loyalty and charisma 18.3 percent 

3. Honesty 17 percent

4. Intelligence 14.37 percent

5. Kindness 12.4 percent


 1. Eyes 27.3 percent

2. Smile 21 percent

3. Good teeth 18.75 percent

4. Height 18.75 percent

5. Their penis 14.1 percent 

Source: Louanne Ward via She Said He Said

What men value most in women


 1. Honesty 21.3 percent

2. Confidence 20 percent

3. Playfulness 18 percent

4. Kindness/Gratefulness 14 percent

5. Loyalty 12.6 percent


 1. Eyes 41.6 percent

2. Smile 29.6 percent

3. Bum 12.2 percent

4. Breasts 9.2 percent

5. Legs 7.4 percent

 Source: Louanne Ward via She Said He Said

Resilience, health, social or emotional intelligence were also absent from the women’s list, along with self-control and an appetite for taking risks.

Women did not view gratefulness as an important trait for men, despite it being the fourth most popular trait men seek in the fairer sex.

On the other hand, dependability, sensitivity, courage and consistency ranked high on the women’s list but weren’t included in the men’s.

Women were also drawn to men with manners, wit and patience, which do not have the same appeal when genders are reversed.

Ms Ward says the core values underpinning human attraction are the same for both sexes, who value honesty, intelligence and loyalty – though not in the same order


Which physical trait do you find most attractive on a man?

  • Eyes 307 votes
  • Smile 198 votes
  • Teeth 72 votes
  • Height 154 votes
  • Penis size 180 votes

Yet despite these differences, both sexes are in almost full agreement about their most sought after attributes. 

‘They are the same except men rate attitude over intelligence and vice versa which proves through all the differences, the fundamental core and foundation for a relationship isn’t as gender biased as people believe,’ Ms Ward said. 

‘There are certainly differences due to preference of personality, lifestyle and life experiences, but humans are humans and our basic requirements are what they are.’

You can follow Louanne Ward on Facebook here or read more dating tips on her website. 

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