9 thoughts on “Avoid Online Dating Scam!

  1. tonybochene

    Do NOT trust ANY company who claims you can actually meet the hundreds of beautiful women in their database. Unfortunately in? most cases the lady you see in the photo is NOT the one answering those overpriced e-mails or talking on live chat. It’s often a company employee, maybe even a man!
    Be smart fellas. It’s just entertainment. Not much different than phone sex.
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  2. dontgetmarried999

    Never co-sign anything with a woman, never date or marry an illegal immigrant/google marriage fraud, avoid long distance relationships, listen to Tom Leykis, women come and go but a good education last forever, avoid single moms with kids still at home/it’s a package deal, always use condoms when? having sex, the less attachment to women the less suffering, never buy anything on a first meet up with a woman, the person less interested in the relationship controls the relationship, go dutch.

  3. Diseased Kelly Lenigan

    He? moves and talks like a cyborg robot. I mean humans blink their eyes a lot more than that and move their body around a lot more than that.

  4. Martin Parsi

    An scammer never? ever request to meet in real. And you wont see he/she in person.

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