Avoiding Dating Traps: Tips To A Successful Dating Experience


Having a healthy and happy relationship usually starts when you are going out on a date. Most people do not realized this but dating is actually the basis on whether or not you as a couple will actually last long.

So before it is too late, as a single, you have to avoid certain dating traps to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship:

1. You do not have to be all dressed up and glamorous on all your dates with your special someone. This will only entail a fake “marketing” of yourself and showing only the “better-side” of you. In a real relationship, it involves showing the real you physically. So if you get a little bit off on what you look before, you do not have to worry that your partner may leave you for this.

2. Do not think that there is only one guy or girl for you when dating. It is however suggested that you date often and see who is the best match for you. Again, never settle for one guy/girl at a single date. There are a lot of potential individuals out there waiting for you.

3. Having fun and just feeling good when with each other is not a sole basis of being compatible. Compatibility also involves traits that are not likely the same but compliments, and compatibility also involves arguments that can be resolved through meeting and agreeing halfway.

4. One major misconception most girls make is that they wait for their prince charming to come by. Reality check, this is not a fairy tale. No prince shall just pass and fall in love with you while you just sit and wait. You have to also make a move and prove that you are the one for him.

5. Instant relationships won’t survive time. There are a lot of couple that after a few dates, they decided to settle and be with each other. This is not the right way, everything needs time and you do not just have to weigh things by what you feel at the moment. You have to test your feelings for each other through time and time will tell if you are meant for each other.

6. Love at first site? A BIG NO. This is not the way to measure compatibility. There are others who think so, but after a few weeks of dating you will be surprised that couples who seem to think they “fall” in love at first sight are just really “blindly” in love.

7. Hiding and running away from relationship problems is not a good sign either. Couples who are in the dating stage are tested in one way or the other whether by financial or emotional problems. If a person started to find a way to get out of the relationship, then it is not a healthy and lasting relationship at all.

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