Background and Investigation Services


Background and Investigation Services

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Reasons Why You Should Run A Background Check.

You just met someone and before you invest time with him or her, you run a background check.

You are thinking about going into business with someone.

About to get married and want to make sure you not making a mistake.

You’re interviewing for a babysitter or nanny.

Before watching moving into a neighborhood, find out who your neighbors are.


? OIG and CMS Compliant Exclusion and Sanctions Screening
? Reference Check
? Social Security Trace and Validation
? Social Media check (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+
Youtube, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Pinterest)


? Positive & Negative Brand Check
? National Sex Offender Database Check
? Professional License Monitoring
? Marital status, Internet pictures, Credit Check
? Lawsuits, Bankruptcy


? Education verification
? Criminal records check
? Civil records check
? Military Records Verification
? Quarterly Monitoring


? Possible Current Address
? Previous and possible former addresses for the past 10 years
? Possible Telephones numbers including land lines
? Drivers License verification check
? Employment verification

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