Barry Diller’s Spin Off Strategy Bears Fruit

NYTIMES – Nov 23 – IAC has created more value for shareholders over the last two decades than Disney or Microsoft. Mr. Diller’s business model: Buy digital businesses, fold them into a conglomerate and then spin out the most successful ones. He started the experiment of breaking up IAC in 2008. There’s Expedia, TripAdvisor (a spinoff of Expedia), Ticketmaster, LendingTree, Interval Leisure Group, HSN and now Match Group. If you invested $1K in IAC in Aug 1995 when Mr. Diller began the business, you’d have ~$16K today. If you invested $1K in a fund that tracked the Nasdaq index, you’d have ~$4,8K today. Skeptics say that all of these spinoffs are nothing more than financial prestidigitation. These companies, said Mr. Diller, “are under the scrutiny of a set of shareholders only wanting to own that business. I think that’s very healthy.”

by Andrew Ross Sorkin
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