Bay Area Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out, Push For Change

Janice Baker Kinney of Petaluma first met comedian Bill Cosby when she was bartending at a Harrah’s hotel in Reno. She says the famous funnyman invited her and a friend to a party at his rented house.

When the two women arrived, they discovered no one else was there aside from Cosby. It was there that Kinney says Cosby gave her drugs and sexually assaulted her.

Kinney is just one of 29 women who appeared in a Friday Dateline special to discuss allegations against Cosby. Though none of the women knew each other before they first came forward, all of them told similar stories about sexual abuse at the hands of one of America’s favorite TV dads.

Now, the women are fighting to change the way rape crimes involving drugs are classified under state laws, which could effect some statute of limitations that prohibit a majority of Cosby’s alleged victims from bringing suit.

“Under California law, if the allegation is aggravated sexual assault, meaning a weapon is used, there is no statute of limitations,” said Christian Picone, a Bay Area attorney. “So the prosecutor or district attorney could bring a charge regardless of how many years have passed.”

Reclassifying drugs as weapons in all rape cases would allow for some victims to get a second change at justice, the women have argued.


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