16 thoughts on “BBC InsideOut (South) – RomanceScam – Jan2011

  1. jarell19

    Nigerians are stupid when challenged…The scamers at least. I have been poor and homeless before….But get? this, I never used my situation to hurt or oppress anyone. These people are evil. They will be hell unless they repent. Real Nigerians are genuine and work for a living and don’t do stuff like this, even when poor.

  2. 59Love1

    She should of bought a? vibrator alot cheaper and safer !

  3. MissSpaniola2

    NIGEReia…Doesn’t matter what part of the world. The mentality is the same. You can blame who you want, but you were born? with the “you work for it so I can steal it” mentality. Sad

  4. MissSpaniola2

    These women are pathetic. They did not deserve it, but maybe the reason why they are alone in the first place is because they are so stupid and weak. An American soldier does not have time? for you British hags, nor will he sweet talk you for hours and days and months on end. They are too busy fighting for our country and being MEN.

  5. carpediem1975mx

    Most scams are orchestrated in Nigeria, not only? scams like this but all kinds of monetary frauds.
    Fkg niggaz, no wonder everyone hates them…

  6. kmfw72

    If someone claiming to be a US army officer writes asking a ‘favour’? instead of a ‘favor’, that should arouse your suspicions!

  7. chayang100

    if you on facebook and the person tells you to get on yahoo like the girl did in the video dont cues the reason why is because in Niagara or what ever? they are from that part of the world they dont get good connection on facebook thats the reason why they want you to talk to them on yahoo.

  8. Cindy Khos

    Nigerian Romance Scammer: James Dyer (pic of white male). Email: jamesdyer2@yahoo.com,? yahoo messenger:? jamesdyer2, phone 1-234-703-893-4768. Private mess me on fb and? was in love with my pic. Heavy Nigerian English accent on phone. Engineer from London working on bridge in Nigeria, 11 year old? daughter, widowed, parents died when he? was 10 then moved to Norway and back? to London,?? no firends. Romanced me for 2 weeks then demanded money and became real asshole.

  9. robert anderson

    ghana police service . get africa online .com /? ghana police . info

  10. James Reed

    Lucky that? Carol didn’t send the money so at least she didn’t lose much except for having her dream smashed.

  11. robin karki

    I am also the victim and here is my story. I meet a girl in match.com she said she is in army serving in AFGHNASTIAN. we chat and share photos for a while and she said me she want to hear my voice and for that she said me to mail to army senior personal , I mail him and they said me I need to? pay 275 pounds to connect to TS2 SERVICE. Then she call me in phone after two days, we talked for 2 minutes. Then again she often send me message about 2 message regularly and I also sent her a messages.

  12. robin karki

    As we continue chatting and exchanging mails everytime and I said her to come to meet me or I will come over there to meet you. She told me again to write letter to general , I wrote it again and after 2 days waiting for message finally I got it and in that message? it says inorder to get TEMPORARY leave for officer I need to pay 475 pounds … Then I again relized that the person with who I am talking for such a long time in not a real person.

  13. robin karki

    I became so stupid that I trust in dating sites. I am not sad of losing money but really broke down in peaces because what ever said was lie only. Now I am trying my best to heal my self but what to do girl in pictures, she always follow? me and come to my eyes every time.
    So, guys before making any relationship just ask twice to yourself and if they ask you for a help or money just ignore them. That is all you can do.

    Thnx for reading it can be helpfull for you….


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