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These days, many consumers find companionship through dating websites. But fraudsters are finding ways to take advantage of them. The Federal Trade Commission has reported $304 million in losses from romance scams in 2020, many of them targeting older consumers. Typically, scammers create fake online dating profiles and begin the romance. They quickly move the conversation away from the dating site and into email or text messages. They often claim to be living overseas. After some time, they start asking for money, gift cards or cryptocurrency for reasons such as a medical emergency or because they want to come visit.

Be wary of profile photos that look like professional models and overly flirtatious or complimentary messages. Don’t reveal personal information that might be used for identity theft. Don’t provide intimate photographs, as they may be used for extortion. Don’t send money to someone you’ve never met. Report suspected fraud to dating sites as well as the FTC.

More information at or call 415-473-6495

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