Be wary of #cyber ‘love scam’ – #NBI


THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI-6) warned Ilonggos who might fall victim to a “love scam” over the internet.

NBI-6 special investigator Rojun Hosillos reported that on July 19, 2018, a senior citizen from Iloilo lost P90,000 to an American woman he met online.

The woman claimed that she is with the military and told him that she is sending him a package containing one million dollars, gold jewelry, and appliances.

Three days after they talked, someone from the customs called him and told him that the package is illegal because it contained money. He was then asked to pay before he could claim the package. He deposited three tranches of P30,000 through the bank.

“They will demand more money until you bleed. Basically, we all know that money could not be transported over packages. And a person that wealthy would have other means of transporting money and goods and jewelry,” Hosillos said.

Another Ilonggo also fell victim to the same modus last week.

“We call that love scam. They will make you believe that they love you and then they will extort money from you,” he said.

He said the “attackers” target all age groups, including senior citizens.

Hosillos said they are coordinating with the concerned bank, however, he said it might be that the account created was fake just like in previous cases.

“We are always at the dead end because the money has been withdrawn,” he said.

The NBI lamented that some of the cohorts are Filipinos, mostly from Cebu and Manila. No one from Iloilo was reported to be part of the syndicate.

He said they are now coordinating with the remittance services to track the perpetrators.

Hosillos warned Ilonggos on interacting with anonymous people online. He said there is no good in earning money through shortcuts.

“The general rule is that if it is too good to be true, it must be bad. Easy money is always bad. We should minimize our greed because we would be susceptible to love scam,” he said.