Behind the Horn – 1-17-13 – Manti Te’o Reaction

We got the panelists together a bit early to do some extra talking about the Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax. Hear what Bill, Kevin, Jackie, and Israel have to say about the conflicts of journalism, before we go into it deeper in the show today.

25 thoughts on “Behind the Horn – 1-17-13 – Manti Te’o Reaction

  1. JeEnYuS504

    How u don’t go to visit ur gf in the hospital or her college graduation?? He’s either an idiot or asshole. My guess is both.

  2. Robert Friel

    This story? helps show the terrible state of journalism today. Not just in sports journalism but all journalism.

  3. DariusFrink90

    One sad pathetic story from a guy who? is a good football player.

  4. FoxThaStoner

    100% agreed; quite the correct statement— im sayin why couldn’t he? have just left it at his grandma dying to get sympathy? at first i thought he got catfished but yours sounds more believable

  5. Bobby Ewing

    How the fuck could you have a relationship with someone for 3 years and never bother to attempt to meet them face to face? This whole story is just bogus, I knew it was from the second I heard about it. Nobody says they “LOVE” someone they’ve met only on the? internet. To be honest, and I know it’s messed up to speculate this, but I believe that he did this whole charade with the fake death and all that to gain sympathy for Heisman votes. Te’o is no victim he’s a manipulator.

  6. WastedPo

    So yeah, I’ve never seen Around the Horn before. Judging from the set, I’m guessing this is one of those MST3K style satire shows riffing on the retro spaceship aesthetics of the 1950’s. Or maybe? a live action recreation of a Paper Mario game. Or maybe Mark Summers will pop out with the kid contestants so they can buzz in with their trivia answers; I always love those “double dare” style obstacle course challenges, which I’m assuming will happen in part 2.

  7. jacob54311

    Contact? Stanford at the very least or maybe the local newspaper when you can’t find an obit.

  8. jacob54311

    Gene Wochichowski asked Te’o about the lack of any record of this girl existing.? What more than you want? That’s some amazing reporting there.

  9. MrNothingButAir

    actually there are reports that? ESPN knew about this but didn’t report it b/c they felt that it will damage their own reputation if they did

  10. animeoster04

    it not Manti? Te’o fault i think he was catfished who behind it is a asshole with a capital A

  11. Sahluful

    Say whatever you want about Israel or Plaschke, but you? can’t deny that they’re both principled journalists.

  12. Sahluful

    Notice how quickly everyone stopped smiling after Tony got into the meat of the Te’o story on the media’s? end.

    It’s THAT serious.

  13. jschram84

    Jackie’s panel is? slightly higher than everyone else’s, throwing me off!

  14. ROFLitsJobe


  15. PatsBased

    Guietterez is so wrong. You don’t have to cross examine Te’o and accuse him of lying. It’s a matter of being THOROUGH and acknowledging that maybe the family of this deceased woman could shed light on the two’s relationship.

    Just funny watching all of these top notch reporters grasp for straws. Blackinstone was the only one? who acknowledged that he was part of the reason this ploy went on for six months.

  16. Mike McNamara

    ESPN reporters are a joke. Glad Reali called out his his network for being? behind the ball on this.

  17. zulu26

    these guys are great at banter even when they’re not live?

  18. Superman5000The

    That seems to be a theory that’s out there. It’s not implausible but it’s one of those theories that’s gonna blow up HUUUUUUGE if? it’s proven true.

  19. antdjeez

    I keep hearing that. *Tin Foil Hat* ? He is at Norte Dame, a religious school. The outrage from that…damn.

  20. theoochable

    my honest opinion I do think this? whole thing is covered up

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