Being good with cash could help you with #online #dating


Credit score provider Noddle’s poll of almost 1,300 singletons found that one in five (18%) single adults in the UK consider a good awareness of personal finances as among the most attractive qualities in a potential partner.

Being good with money is more attractive to singletons than being fit and sporty or driving a nice car.

Almost a quarter (24%) of female singletons rate financial awareness as important – it is the third most attractive characteristic after personality and cleverness, and rates more highly than good job prospects and good looks.

In contrast, financial awareness is important to one in 10 (11%) men and came only seventh in their list of most wanted attributes, also behind personality and looks – but it’s more important than owning a home, which was rated by 5% of the single men polled.

Jacqueline Dewey, managing director at Noddle comments: “As we become more financially aware and savvy in terms of what’s coming in and out of our bank accounts, it makes sense that we would look for these characteristics in a partner. Money can be a source of stress and disagreements in relationships, so it’s a good idea to find someone with a similar outlook.”

Boasting about money is the biggest turn-off for singletons looking for love via online dating, with almost a quarter (23%) put off by it. Group photos is a close second (19%), as it makes it hard to what the person looks like, while using clichés in biographies and showing off material possessions came joint third (18%).