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BENGALURU: Bengaluru has earned itself many identities over the years: Garden city, IT city, melting pot of cultures, to name a few. And now, according to data released by dating app Tinder, the city is also one of its most active communities on the app. According to its statistics, namma ooru lists second in the list of cities with the most activity on Tinder. “We see high usage in urban areas, especially where there is a concentration of upwardly mobile young professionals and university goers,” explained Rashi Wadhera, brand and communication, Tinder India.

Users from Bengaluru weigh in on the findings and say that the app has become a new way to meet and know other people. Yash Billa, a student, said the app is popular because new entrants to the city don’t have any friends and can use the app to counter that. “Many also use Tinder to hookup. But for me, it has been a way to reach out to people and connect with those who are from my city,” he said. “These days it’s very important to make new friends. And Tinder is a good way to reach out to new people,” said Debolina Bagchi, another Tinder user from the city.

Sengman Tikhak, a student who created a Tinder account recently – to “see what the fuss was about” – said Bengaluru featuring second on the list of most active cities on the app helps boost his confidence. “It also shows how far we have come in matchmaking, from matching our horoscopes to now matching our accounts,” he added.

Most active

1. Delhi NCR
2. Bengaluru
3. Pune
4.  Mumbai
5. Kolkata
6. Chandigarh

Most right swipes

1. Pune
2. Delhi NCR  
3. Chandigarh
4. Mumbai
5. Ahmedabad
6. Bengaluru

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