Benny Williams


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Benny Williams72, Skype

Scammer’s Country: GB ?

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Migle2, Skype, Gmail

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Benny Williams
benny.williams72 Skype
8 Roxburgh St
G12 9AP

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

You don’t want to chat with me dear
Now sweetie, I am on bet . I was sleeping when phone starts song
Okay I thought you did not want to help me I have been trying to reach you all day Will you be able to help me with the money I asked you I will pay you back I promise
I will try
Okay baby Should I give you my uncles bank account details I just need 400 pounds baby
How much do you need? In Euro please. I can’t understand in pounds
Are you here dear I promise to pay you back dear Okay dear almost 550 euros baby
Ok and an IBAN?
Give me a minute I will give it to you
This is baby
(She deleted it I don’t know how….)
Thank you so much baby God bless you baby
Do I look like victim?
I am going to report you!
What do you mean
You want to report me as a scam what do you mean?
Your email is already reported from 30 victims
Hehehehe Hehehehe U r very stupid
Thanks! If I send money will be clever? I prefer to be stupid….