The best dating apps to use right now


Hooking up and falling in love has never been so futuristic and convenient, but the runners and riders change constantly. Which dating apps are still sizzling hot and who’s been left out in the cold? And of the newcomers, who’s in danger of getting old, fast? Here’s a list of all best dating apps and the ones to avoid


No, for real, this isn’t 2014 – Tinder is back in a big way. Turns out, funnily enough, that everyone is sick of gimmicks or gazing into blank screens waiting for people to sign up for the hottest new dating app – we’re going back to what we know. Tinder is enjoying a renaissance thanks, perhaps, to the increasing chance of us being blown into the sky by a tangerine manbaby with nuclear codes. It’s like settling into your trackies after a hard day in your skinnies, sucking your gut in – so easy you don’t have to think about it.


OK, so not a trailblazer in the dating stakes but the big difference here is cold hard cash. People paying to be on a dating site or app tend not to be drooling timewasters, incessant chatters, pic swappers or journalists asking you stupid questions about Brexit so they can screenshot your replies and put them online. Plus, the filtering process is pretty in-depth and you can still do location-based searching if you order too much dim sum and want someone to share it with right that second.


If you’re a hopeless romantic or enjoy the mild peril that comes from potential opportunities missed, Happn could be for you. The app uses your current location to tell you which of your matches have been in and around your area, wherever you happen to be. If they flew off to Australia the next day, of course, this is useless info, but Happn will keep track of how many times you’ve crossed paths with this person – no, honestly, this isn’t as creepy as it sounds – and hopefully next time you chance upon one another, you’ll actually get to talking. I mean, it is a pretty good conversation starter – unless you keep bumping into one another somewhere embarrassing.


No time to butter anyone up? Want to cut straight to the date? Now is perfect for people who like to tap their watch and shout “time is money” at funerals. The app lets you search for users available at the same times as you, so you can meet them for however long you’re available, at prearranged venues. Yes, it sounds as sexy and serendipitous as alphabetising all your old DVDs on an Excel spreadsheet, but it’s actually a decent way of managing your time and expectations. It’s a gimmick, yes, but actually useful – the antidote to time wasting.


Hooks you up with friends or friends on Facebook, so basically saves your pals playing matchmaker – and thus avoiding the blame when it all goes ass-to-the-mat. Upside: that hottie you always change saucy looks with at friends’ weddings might finally be yours. Downside: they’ll still be at all future weddings once you inevitably lose interest.


Oh yeah, so you like dating so much, do you? Name three of its albums! Yep, this is one for the musoes. Aside from cleaning the bathroom and flirty texts to your ex, the big cause of couples’ arguments relates to taste in music. Eliminate it immediately with Tastebuds, which matches you to potential love interests based on your shared fandoms. No more arguing over the Spotify playlists? But how else will you spend drunken Saturday nights in?


Don’t you just hate having to swipe through the proles before you get to the pearls? Help could be at hand. If you’re somehow verified on Twitter and find yourself strangely turned on by other blue ticks (the tick is white, in actual fact, but let’s not split hairs), then Blue is for you. It matches verified users with pitchers lucky enough to have had their application for validation accepted, so you two can get together and bump blue badges. It is, apparently, about safety and not being catfished, but we all know you’re just trying to swerve the basics. Polite reminder: some really great people are not verified. Even politer reminder: I am one of those people.


Like Grindr, but you get to see more pics upfront and can see who potential crushes have been favouriting, so you get an idea of their type and get to see if you’re in with a chance. I guess it can be kind of dispiriting to see someone you fancy favourite 63 identikit men with beards and huge chests in lurid Aussiebum pants, but faint heart never won fair maiden – you could be the exception that proves the rule.


Conceived as an app to find threesomes, Feeld has widened its remit – well, the more the merrier, after all – to help you find love at work with an add-on that allows you to use it over Slack, the in-office communication tool and No1 way of arranging after-work drinks. Threesomes optional, of course, but if you’ve always fantasised about awkwardly drinking wine in a Travelodge with Barbara from accounts and Kane from the post room, this could be the one for you.


No more swiping. One match a day, delivered to your door (phone). Possibly the briefest romantic rush you will experience, but at least you’ll have the other 23 hours and 58 minutes to get over it/get excited about the next one.


Looks like there really is no more Mr Nice Guy, as Bumble’s efforts to filter out the creeps have been rather too successful. Bumble’s USP was that guys can express an interest but only women can start the conversation, but my spies tell me the thing is… they’re not. So oodles of guys are sitting and waiting for a reciprocal hello. All those still on the app are banterless voids and most of the women are sick of doing the chatting up and have decamped to other apps to be wooed.


Uses your Facebook friends list and allows you to tell them you want to sleep with them. Isn’t that just drunk texting?


Guys, you deserve better.


A different kind of gay dating app, apparently, that is not focused on just sex. No, wait, come back! As it’s pretty new, you will at least see a few guys who are trying to make a different shtick work, I guess.

And one to watch out for: Sweatt

No, that really is the word “sweat” with an extra T on the end – I haven’t slumped face-first into my keyboard. Although currently based in New York City only, this app can save you all those awkward attempts to chat people up in the gym. It matches you with people with a similar outlook to fitness as you, assuming you have one. Apparently it calculates all your data to find someone with the same interests as you but, don’t worry, there are plenty of pictures too to make sure you don’t end up with a gym-addicted horse-frightener. Surely a transfer to London can’t be far away?