Best of the Twin Cities 2020: City Life | #tinder | #pof

Look, some of the activities recommended below are an even better idea in 2020 than other years. The ones about getting away from people, out into nature, maybe on a bike or a pair of ice skates? Those hold up fine.

Some of the more hands-on activities — things like salons, tattoos, retail shopping, nightclubs — are only just making their weird, nervous, conditional returns to city life. If you must? Mask up.

Still others are probably only ever going to be our choice in a pandemic, the kind of year we learned to embrace keeping our distance, tip strippers from home, eating takeout, and spending any spare $5 on the businesses and people who need it more than we do. 

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Best Place to Buy Jewelry: Instagram

Best Thrift Store: St. Vincent De Paul

Best Place to Buy Makeup: Sigma Beauty

Best Tattoo Parlor: Northeast Tattoo

Best Mechanic: Good Carma

Best Place to Buy Vinyl: SolSta Records

Best Green Business: Mighty Axe Hops

Best Day Trip: LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Best Strip Mall: Hub Shopping Center

Best Mall: Rosedale Center

Best Vintage Shop: Arlee Park

Best Festival: Monarch Festival

Best Free Event/Activity: Twin Cities Book Festival

Best Place to Buy a Gift: Victory Vintage

Best Pet Store: Twin Cities Reptiles

Best Salon/Spa: Haus Salon

Best Haircut: Cocoon Salon

Best Place to Buy Furniture: Southside Vintage

Best Clothing Store for Women: Mille

Best Clothing Store for Men: Target

Best Lingerie Store: Nordstrom

Best Boutique: Parc

Best Mini Golf: Centennial Lakes Park

Best Bowling Alley: Elsie’s

Best Place to Shoot Pool: Al’s Billiards

Best Casino: Treasure Island

Best Gaming Shop: Source Comics & Games

Best Head Shop: Lickety Split

Best Adult Store: Venus Unveiled

Best Toy Store: Brickmania

Best Place to do Yoga: Modo Yoga

Best Gym: Phillips Community Center

Best Dog Park: Airport Dog Park

Best Public Park: Marshall Terrace Park

Best Beach: Lake Nokomis Main Beach

Best Place to Ice Skate: Loring Park

Best Bike Ride: The Gateway State Trail 

Best View: Mendota Bridge

Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests: Any bike path in town

Best Outdoor Store: Repair Lair

Best Garden Center: Tonkadale Greenhouse

Best New Building: Minnehaha Academy

Best Hotel: Celeste

Best Pool: Edina Aquatic Center

Best Place to Walk at Night: Cub Foods

Best Place to Take Your Most Boring Friend: Hunt & Gather

Best Place to Take a Tinder Date: Science Museum of Minnesota

Best Nonprofit: Mizna

Best Entrepreneur: Alex West Steinman

Best Way to Spend $5: Flirt Boutique/Sarah’s

Best Way to Score a Date: Speed dating/singles’ meetups at any Con

Best Gay Bar: Black Hart of Saint Paul

Best LGBTQ Event: Gay Monday at Up-Down

Best Strip Club: King of Diamonds

Best Dance Club: The Loring

Best Place to Be Drunk: On the berm at a Saints game

Best Place to Show Up Stoned: A bad movie at Lagoon

Best Place to Run: Downtown Minneapolis

Best Place to Make Out: Third Precinct ruins

Best Place to See and Be Seen: In line for takeout


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