Beware of Internet Dating Scams

Internet dating money order scams are similar to the email shams that are sent out. With the date scheme, as is the same with the email shams, the purpose is to get dollars from the person or other payments. Internet dating scams will begin with a person contacting another person through a relationship site.

The scammer will get to know the other person, talking with them through the adult site, Getting to know them better and gaining their trust. However, at some point the chatting and messaging will no longer take place on the date site and will move to talking through email or even by phone. The scammer will continue to gain the person’s trust and further the relationship.

Once the trust is gained and the person thinks that they and the scammer are in a relationship of sorts, the scammer will begin asking for dollars. These may be small amounts at first, nothing to large. Small amounts that the person would be willing to give out. There will be different reasons for the need, such as a health reason or came into tough times and they need just a little to get by.

The person does so, because they believe they are in a relationship and trust the person. Once they have given small amounts, the scammer will begin asking for larger amounts, such as to buy a plain ticket to see the person. The person will believe they will be seeing their love and give them the dollars. Only after the person never shows will they realize that they have been taken.

There may be many internet dating money order scams variations, however they all end the same, with the person giving untold amounts to another person and realizing too late that they have been taken.