Beware of Ty D. Tonioli


This man has Antisocial Personality disorder. Steer clear of him. He will charm himself in to your home and create chaos. His own family has restraining orders against him. He has been arrested from Massachusetts (his home state) to Florida. He was diagnosed as early as 5 years with conduct disorder.
? CON ARTIST: Currently he conning people for his joke of appliance repair business. He will take your money and run
? Criminal Record: petty theft to Grand theft larceny, drug charges and domestic abuse.
? Animal cruelty: Started at an early age. Will harm your animal when you aren’t around
? Pathological Liar: Lies about everything, very secretive
? No sexual identity: He engages with sex with men, TS/TV and women
? Unable to hold a job for an extended amount of time: self taught mechanic
? Deadbeat Dad: 4 children, the one he lives close to he uses as a pawn
? Lack of remorse: Doesn’t have the capability but is an excellent actor. He cheats when you are not around and does the planning when you are. He is slick: He will sneak a HJ/BJ session in with a dude when you thought he just went to the store!
? Superficial Charm: This is how he slithers his way into your life and cons others
? Great Story Teller: All Sociopaths are!
? Lack of empathy/ Incapacity for Love
? Need for Stimulation: Alcohol, Weed and Crack fuels this monster. Self proclaimed Former Heroin Abuser. Attends local AA meetings preying on his next victim.
? Gas Lightning:
(HIS FAVORITE) form of manipulating mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

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