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But the social media giant refuses to change its approach, responding to Biden by pointing to President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at preventing sites like Facebook from verifying political statements.

The Democratic candidate’s alleged campaign on Thursday started a push he calls #MoveFastFixIt, urging his millions of followers to sign an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook.

The letter calls on Facebook to implement rules that prohibit threatening behavior and lies about how to vote. It also proposes a two-week period before the election in which all political ads must be verified before they appear on Facebook.

“We call on Facebook to proactively stem the tide of false information by no longer amplifying unreliable content and quickly verifying election-related material that goes viral,” says Biden’s campaign letter. “We call on Facebook to stop letting politicians hide behind paid misinformation in hopes that the truth will catch up only after Election Day.”

It was the latest episode in Biden’s campaign battle with Facebook dating back to last year during the Democratic presidential primaries, but it now has more interest when Biden and Trump face off in the general election.

The week comes after Biden’s campaign spent about $ 5 million on Facebook ads, including $ 1.6 million last Thursday alone, when he sharpened his criticism of Trump’s response to nationwide protests over the police murder. of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Facebook’s approach is a notable difference from Twitter, another popular social media network that has begun to tag some tweets, including Trump’s, as false or misleading. Facebook does some fact checks on its site, but politicians are exempt from this.

Twitter has placed fact check tags on Trump tweets that contained lies about mail ballots and seemed to encourage violence and added a warning tag that another Trump tweet amid protests over Floyd’s death of violating the social media company’s policies against glorifying violence.

Facebook posted a response to Biden’s open letter on its website, comparing it to television networks that are regulated by the federal government.

“We live in a democracy, where elected officials decide the rules around campaigns. Two weeks ago, the President of the United States issued an executive order directing federal agencies to prevent social networking sites from engaging in activities as political statements of fact verification. ” week, the Democratic presidential candidate started a petition asking us to do the exact opposite, “Facebook’s response said.

“Just as they have done with broadcast networks, where the US government prohibits rejecting campaign announcements by politicians, elected representatives of the people must set the rules and we will follow them,” Facebook said. “Elections will be held in November and we will protect political discourse, even when we strongly disagree.”

Biden’s top aides quickly mocked Facebook’s response, accusing the company of undermining the democratic process on which it said it would base its policies.

Characterizing Facebook’s response, Biden Communications Director Bill Russo tweeted The company basically said, “There is an election in November, and we will continue to amplify content that confuses people on how to participate in it.”
“What the hell is this @facebook statement?” tweeted Biden’s digital director Rob Flaherty. “Yes, both sides are putting pressure on them, but they decided to give in to the one who says ‘I’d like to cheat voters without checks’.”

CNN’s Donie O & # 39; Sullivan contributed to this report.

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