Bikers catch Stanford student ‘raping’ unconscious woman in public


PALO ALTO, Calif. — A former Stanford University student has been charged with raping an intoxicated, unconscious woman on the campus.

The San Jose Mercury News reports Brock Allen Turner was charged Tuesday with five felony counts on suspicion of attempted rape and penetration with a foreign object.

Prosecutors say the attack happened January 18 and that two men riding bikes on campus saw an unconscious woman on the ground with a man on top of her.

Turner ran away, but they chased him down and held him until police arrived. His attorney, Mike Armstrong of Palo Alto, declined to comment.

Stanford spokeswoman Lisa Lapin told the newspaper the 19-year-old from Dayton, Ohio voluntarily withdrew from the university on Tuesday.

Prosecutors declined to reveal details about the victim and said only she was attending an on-campus party.

Turner has been released on $150,000 bail.



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