Black Woman Dating White Man – Any Motives Behind Such Dating?

Dating is universal and is accepted as a means for couples to understand each other better. Many a couple does not feel shy or embarrassed to let others know of their dating, particularly interracial dating. But due to adverse comments from others, some do not let others know of their dating. Those who pass adverse comments or make fun of interracial dating are conservative in their minds and think that they are the saviors of their race and its culture. To those people, a black woman dating a white man looks odd and peculiar and considers such dating would destroy their culture. This is not confined to only whites, but Blacks also object their wards dating white men and women. When a Black woman dates a Whiteman, .it is not uncommon to hear comments that the girl is after the money and fame of the Whiteman. Instances are similar, when a White woman dates a Black man, they get a disturbing look at them and witness raised eyebrows from the white community. Surfing through the dating sites, reveal surprising statistics about black woman seeking date with only white men and white women seeking date only with Black men. One of the reasons adduced by women from the Black community is that White men are better care givers and honest when compared to men from their own community. Likewise, some white men feel that Black women are better homemakers and honest and trustworthy when compared to white women.

The important reason for a Black woman dating a White man or a white woman dating a black man is the liking towards each other and forging of interest in each other. This fascination has grown between them surpassing their caste, creed and culture. While this is accepted by people who are progressive in thoughts, and mind their own business, you cannot rule out hearing comments that motives like attraction and money are behind interracial dating. Some black women dating white men are vocal in telling that they are utterly dissatisfied with the men from their race, but hastily add that not all black men are like that, but they could not find a date to suit them. May be there are a few black woman who have developed a fascination for white man from their childhood and to fulfill their dream they pursue their dating with white men. This dream pushes them to take a bold step to date a white man despite adverse comments she receives from her own community which treats her without kindness. It is in bad taste to criticize the fascination of each other hailing from different races and different culture All of us should appreciate the feelings of the interracial couples and if possible try to encourage them, rather than criticize and comment about their dating.

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