Blind date tips for finding soul mates


What is a blind date? Well it is basically a date between two people who have never met before and some common friend has arranged this date. The two persons dating here totally unaware of each other or have a very little idea about what their dating partner is actually like? They are just optimistic about this meeting and look forward to continue the relationship if they liked each other. However, it’s always not that easy as it seems. You have to take care of many things before going on for a blind date if you really want to leave a long lasting impression over your dating partner. Many friends who have gone on blind dates earlier can provide you valuable blind date tips. Below are some tips for blind date which you should always keep in your mind.

1. The location is of utmost importance when it comes to blind date. Always prefer public locations but not one where everyone is familiar with you. The location must be such that you and your partner feel comfortable.
2. Your dressing sense makes the first impression on your partner. If you really want to take your relationship to another level then have some good clothes on yourself but avoid too much make up and cologne.
3. Conversation is one of the important factors. You need to tell your partner about yourself and at the same time you should be a good listener so that even your partner gets an opportunity to express himself. It is one of the vital blind date tips.
4. Try to maintain a distance from your cell phone. When you are with your date, keep the mobile off or at least in the silent mode. Giving attention to calls rather than your partner is very annoying.

Give full attention to your partner rather than watching here and there. Concentrate on your partner and maintain an eye contact with him.
6. Avoid excessive drinking on the first date. In fact prefer to stay away from alcohol on a blind date.
7. Show some gestures like pulling chair for her to sit and opening the door when she enters the restaurant. Good gestures always leave long lasting impressions. It is one of the imperative tips for blind date.
8. Be honest when you talk about your expectations from your partner.
9. Avoid being physical with your partner on the very first occasion.
10. When leaving, then do tell your partner how was it like meeting him or her and that you want to see each other again.

By following these tips for blind date you can definitely make sure that this works out as a memory that you can cherish. Get some more blind date tips with your friend who have experienced this earlier and everything will go like as you wanted it to be.

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