Blind Date Tips – How to Nail That First Date

Chances are, you’re already sweating like hell right now thinking about your big date tonight. It’s been a while since your last encounter with someone and you’re itching to make the best impression no matter what. Before you launch into a panic, try to inhale and exhale and remember that it’s not the end of the world — most people go out on blind dates everyday and it pays to act cool and casual about it. No need to hang on it like a life jacket but that doesn’t mean you appear your worst as well. It’s all about the balance. Be open to a possible romance in a blind date but don’t expect too much as well. By now, here are a few blind date tips you might want to try tonight.

Don’t get too nervous.The more you do, the more likely you’ll screw up. Or the more you expect for the worst, the greater chance it’ll happen. You better get scared with these possibilities. So loosen up, relax and try envisioning a much better scenario in your head — it will affect in your mood and you’ll look much more confident.
Look your best. Put your best foot forward — meaning you better put a little effort into looking good tonight. Look, smell and feel good — it will definitely show. And your date wouldn’t miss it. It will add up to you confident aura and you’re now near into getting that good impression you’re aiming for.
Be on time.Don’t be late — no matter what. It’s a good way to ruin the night — and it hasn’t even started yet. Tardiness is a big no-no on a first or blind date. Women can be excused to be a few minutes late but you however; it’s a great way to let her realize you value her time — another point for the good impression.
Stay comfortable. Don’t give in to that growing feeling of anxiety and nervousness inside you during the course of your meal. Sure, she’s gorgeous and you’re dying to make her attracted to you — this is the most vital part where you stay as calm and relaxed as you can. Engage her in a conversation.
Ask her out again. When things get a little comfortable and you know she likes you (even just a bit) tell her you had a great time and would like to know what she’ll be doing next weekend. There’s a possibility she may reject you for a second date but that doesn’t mean she’s not interested — she may be testing how far you can go.

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