Bloke banned from Tinder for catfishing… and it was all because of a bizarre Baby Yoda photo | #tinder | #pof


THERE’S a lot at stake when it comes to your online dating profile with nothing more than your display pic and a couple of words determining the all important first impression.

But one bloke learnt the hard way that your choice of snap is everything after a harmless pic with Baby Yoda had him banned from Tinder.


Carter Hambley had a snap of himself with Baby Yoda as his Tinder profile pic Credit: @carterhambley/Twitter

Carter Hambley, a comedian from Chicago, posted a seemingly innocent snap of himself with what looked to be the much-loved Star Wars character sitting on his lap.

Obvious to many, the little guy was craftily Photoshopped in – but it seems that was a deal breaker for some.

When the 21-year-old matched with someone on the dating app, he was asked: “Where did you get that Yoda doll?”

Chuffed he may have found a fellow Star Wars fan he explained that it was Photoshopped and that it wasn’t actually a doll.

The fictional character is from the hit Sci-Fi franchise Star Wars


The fictional character is from the hit Sci-Fi franchise Star WarsCredit: Disney

Still confused, the woman hit back: “No not the photo. I mean the Yoda doll.”

To which Carter explained again that it wasn’t an actual doll, and took the chance to strike up a fun conversation.

He said: “Yeah it’s not a doll, unfortunately! anyways! what kinda movies do you like, besides Star Wars, presumably 🙂 “

But clearly not a fan of his humorous attempt at making conversation, the woman took offence to his use of Photoshop and called him out for “catfishing”.

The girl he matched with wasn't too pleased about his use of Photoshop


The girl he matched with wasn’t too pleased about his use of PhotoshopCredit: @carterhambley/Twitter

She wrote: “So you just… put a fake image on your profile? That’s literally the definition of catfishing.

“You’re a liar and a sneak and i’m reporting you. Not letting you fool anyone else with your little tricks.”

And it seems she had every intention of doing just that as the unlucky in love bloke had his dating profile blocked – perhaps she REALLY wanted to meet Baby Yoda?

Posting screengrabs of the chat on Twitter, Carter wrote: “God I hate this app.”

Carter was left shocked and confused after his Tinder profile got blocked


Carter was left shocked and confused after his Tinder profile got blockedCredit: @carterhambley/Twitter
His account had been reported and blocked


His account had been reported and blockedCredit: @carterhambley/Twitter

Many flocked to the comments to share their own similar experiences, with many admitting to giving up on online dating altogether.

One unlucky bachelor commented: “It’s just impossible to date nowadays. After 5 terrible years attempting to use Tinder and other apps… I’m now preparing to hire a surrogate to carry my child.”

And another person wrote: “Wow, they did NOT realise that the image was a real image Photoshopped to have a fake image on it… Sometimes I wish bad things, but I honestly hope that person runs out of their favourite food items and the means to make their favourite foods.”

While a third asked: “My question is, why did he get banned if he didn’t break any rules? There’s no way in f**king hell that is catfishing.”

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