Didn’t you know business and pleasure go hand-in-hand? Okay not really, but in all seriousness it can pay off to approach things with a professional mindset.

As I look back on my life, there were times when I dated that could’ve gone a different way if I thought like an entrepreneur. Heck I probably could’ve weeded out a few relationships but hey, you live and you learn right?

Hopefully you aren’t one of those people who take things to the extreme by doing a full on investigation that includes learning their social security number, blood type and how many years he worked for his company. Yes it’s good to make sure you aren’t dating a serial killer, just don’t turn anyone off because you go overboard.

Put your boardroom prowess to the test by using a few business tactics in your dating life.

Do you have high expectations when it comes to the type of person you want to date? No one is encouraging you to solely date someone based on their bank account. Just as you have goals and aspirations in your career, you need to identify the things you want when it comes to love. Don’t water down your dreams because they seem impossible.

It’s also important to know your bottom line. No matter how awesome a job sounds, if it can’t fulfill —or at least meet — your bare minimum requirements, it’s probably not worth it. The same can be said about dating. Never settle when it comes to the things that are important to you. It will only create resentment and bitterness.

When you date, are you looking for someone to fill your needs right now, or a potential spouse? While short-term gains are cool, they often come with a higher cost. They can also cloud your judgment of success and willingness to stick it out (e.g. buy and hold) should times get rough. Long-term investments focus on the bigger picture, require time to develop and have the greatest potential of return. This should be what you want to find when it comes to love.

Anyone can be a leader but it takes a team player to know how to follow. Stop trying to control your date, the conversation and the outcome. Just go with the flow and have a good time. It’s also a good idea to limit complaining. No one is interested in a negative or pessimistic person.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that we are what we attract. Do your activities and places you spend your time reflect where you want to be? You’ll find it a little hard to be successful when your environment doesn’t mirror your dreams. The same goes for dating. If you keep finding the same type of people it’s time to take a look within.

And don’t forget that good things take time. Even if you’re one of the last people in your camp to get married, sometimes success comes to people later in their careers — and life. So long as you meet your end goal, enjoy the journey. It will help build your character and discover your true wants and needs.

What are your “rules” of dating?

Source: Madame Noire


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