Body language expert on Don Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

As much as they may love-bomb on social media, according to Carr, the body language between Guilfoyle and Trump during a rally for Arizona Republican Martha McSally suggested they may not be so cozy. “When couples are in love they sit as close to each other as possible,” she explained. “Both Kimberly and Donald Jr. are leaning to their left — with body language directed toward the presenter — rather than their bodies leaning inward toward each other. This shows unity in their relationship goals for external needs being met, rather than intimate or love needs being pursued.”

The two didn’t even look at each other much, Carr added. “Couples look into each other’s eyes or will look at the other person when she/he is speaking. Although the other panelists/speakers are interested in what Donald Jr. or Kimberly have to say, neither Kimberly or Donald are that much interested in the words of their partner,” she observed. Carr observed a similar phenomenon during an interview by FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon. “Kimberly is slightly nervous, as seen by her rubbing her own thumb to self-soothe,” she noted. But instead of comforting her, “Donald Jr.’s arms are straight down and still except when talking.” In contrast, according to Carr, “when a heart-connected partner is nervous she/he is likely to hold the hand of the partner they deem as a source of strength, comfort, or protection. However, the couple does not hold hands or have a back hug (i.e., hugging from the back of the person). Instead, Kimberly comforts herself.”

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