Bondi Tinder creep Thomas McGuirk unmasked after vile messages got him sacked | #tinder | #pof

An outraged boss sacked his Tinder creep employee within an hour of reading the disgusting abuse he sent two women.

Tech worker Thomas McGuirk, 28, was unceremoniously booted from his job at Sydney logistics firm Invenco on Saturday morning.

Company owner Dave Scott woke up to a torrent of angry messages after Ebonie Sanderson, 26, shared the harassment he subjected her to.

Snapchat messages called her a ‘disgusting fat pig’ and ‘f**king ugly’, along with abusive phone calls, after she wouldn’t come to his Bondi home.

Tech worker Thomas McGuirk, 28, was sacked from his job after sending disgusting abuse to at least two women he  met on Tinder after they refused to meet him

Ebonie Sanderson (pictured), 26, shared abusive messages Tom sent her on Instagram this week, which lead to his termination at work

A second woman, brewery supervisor Erin Hinds, 26, soon came forward with her own abusive messages that Mr McGuirk sent her weeks earlier.

Mr Scott said he quickly recognised Mr McGuirk’s voice on Ms Sanderson’s recorded calls and notified him of his sacking at 8.53am on Saturday.

He told Daily Mail Australia he was ‘shocked and disgusted’ by the messages and it was a ‘clear-cut decision’ to sack him immediately.

‘I had a read through of the contract and validated that it was an act of serious misconduct and that he was no longer fit for employment with us,’ he said.

Mr McGuirk’s boss Dave Scott at logistics firm Invenco said he was so appalled by the messages and recorded calls he sacked him within an hour

‘There is just no place in our workplace for someone who treats women with that amount of disrespect.

‘I have four daughters aged between 10 months and nine years old… so that was one of the first things I thought about, and my blood boiled to imagine someone ever speaking to one of my little girls like that.’ 

Mr Scott issued further condemnation against his disgraced former employee in a company statement early on Monday morning.

‘I was shocked and disgusted to hear the disrespect and entitlement towards women appear in the recordings and messages,’ he wrote.

‘I strongly reject any behaviour of this kind, at any time, in any place, for any reason. There is no excuse that makes this ok – ever.

‘Invenco’s core values centre around respect for all. Our culture of respect is very important to us and there is no place in our team for anyone who exhibits behaviours in conflict with these values.’

Mr Scott said Mr McGuirk was only at Invenco for six weeks before his sacking and the company was unaware of his shocking conduct.

‘This new role was filled by a reputable recruitment company who shortlisted, screened and reference checked him as a suitable candidate for this role,’ he wrote.

Mr McGuirk quickly turned nasty when Ms Sanderson refused to come to his home because he was pressuring her so much

Mr McGuirk sent Ms Sanderson abusive messages on Snapchat after she declining an offer to go round to his house 

‘Had we been aware of the serious misalignment in core values, Thomas McGuirk would not have been hired for any role at Invenco.’ 

Ms Sanderson said the abuse started after she refused to go to Mr McGuirk’s home because his behaviour was making her uncomfortable. 

‘He was persistent.. he wanted me to come over THAT night. That was when I started to feel uncomfortable,’ she said.

The speech pathology student sent him a message apologising and saying she was no longer comfortable meeting up with him. 

‘Then all these voice messages came through, just abusive messages about my appearance, and my weight,’ she said.

Mr McGuirk bizarrely claimed to have ‘better genes’ that she knew ‘deep down’ made him ‘above’ her.

‘The fat liberal arts chick… teach me. I know you know deep down you are below me, that there is hierarchy in society,’ he wrote.

‘And the dysgenic like you are there to serve us. You are the inferiors.’

Mr McGuirk wasn’t done – he then called her and continued his vile tirade before she hung up and blocked him.

Mr McGuirk then called Ms Sanderson and continued his vile tirade before she hung up and blocked him 

‘You’re actually a fat f***ing pig. You know that? Thanks. You did waste my time,’ he said.

‘You’re f***ing ugly. Your a** looks OKAY and you would have been one f***. You would have been just one f*** because you’re a disgusting fat pig.’  

When she called him out for his aggressive behaviour he then doubled down and defended himself.

‘Look at my f***ing face. I don’t have to struggle to get laid. I especially don’t need a FOUR like you to get laid.’

Ms Sanderson blocked him on Snapchat and Instagram, but he added her another account and continued messaging her.  

She said despite being a strong and confident woman the comments he made were incredibly hurtful.  

‘I am I am really comfortable with my weight and initially I was like this doesn’t matter but then in the end I realised an insult is an insult and I realised subconsciously I couldn’t stop thinking about it,’ she said. 

‘That was when I snapped and thought he can’t get away with this and have no consequences whatsoever.

‘No I didn’t ‘ask for it’ and yes, I’m entitled to change my mind and tell someone I’m not interested anymore because I feel uncomfortable and intimidated by one’s aggressive and forceful nature.’

Sydney brewery supervisor Erin Hinds (pictured), 26, was also harassed by Mr McGuirk after she broke off their brief fling

A series of messages Tom sent to Ms Hinds where he insulted her friend

Ms Hinds said she was given similar treatment after a brief liaison with Mr McGuirk last month went badly wrong.

He invited her to his Bondi home where they met for a drink before spending the night together. 

But two days later when she told him she was not interested in taking things further, he bombarded her with horrific derogatory messages. 

‘I said sorry, I have changed my mind. It was fun but we really don’t have chemistry. That is when he flipped the switch,’ Ms Hinds told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘He went crazy.’

‘He started calling me a w***e and a s**t then taking pictures of my friends from social media and sending them to me saying that we are all retards, disgusting w****s with bad dental hygiene, and s***ts only worth one f**k each.’  

Ms Hinds (pictured) said Tom began sending her abusive messages after she told him she was not interested in meeting up again

Ms Hind’s abuse continued beyond the twisted messages, with Mr McGuirk taking to targeting her friends and threatening to stalk her at work.

After barraging her with abuse, Ms Hinds said Mr McGuirk began messaging her friends asking them to give him her home address.

Terrified, she quickly blocked him on all of her social media accounts.

The next day, she matched with a guy called ‘Ryan’ on Tinder, who later claimed he was a friend of Mr McGuirk and the pair had a good laugh at her expense.

‘He said he remembered where I worked and threatened to come in,’ Ms Hinds said. 

‘I asked them not to harass me at work or I would call the police.  Then I blocked them.’

In messages provided to Daily Mail Australia, ‘Ryan’ told Ms Hinds that he and Mr McGuirk expected ‘excellent customer service’ when they arrived, to remember to ‘smile’ and that ‘customers are always right’. 

A day after blocking Tom, Ms Hinds matched with ‘Ryan’ (pictured), who later claimed he was one of Mr McGuirk’s friends

‘Ryan’ then started calling Ms Hinds a s**t and discussing her interaction with Mr McGuirk

Ms Hinds contacted police who told her she has the right to file a restraining order. She is still waiting to hear back regarding an application. 

Ms Hinds said Mr McGuirk was pleasant up until the point she decided to break things off.

Now, she feels traumatised and unsafe.

‘It has really shaken me up. I haven’t gone on a Tinder date since. I was scared of going into work in case he turned up.’ 

‘I wish I had never met up with him. I feel absolutely disgusting.’

Ms Hinds said she was inspired to come forward after hearing about Ms Sanderson’s experience and hopes it will help other women speak out against unacceptable behaviour.  

‘I brushed it aside thinking it had only happened to me, I did not realise there were others,’ she said. 

‘It just insane. Why is this is still happening in 2020?’

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