Boswell’s Character Analyzed in the 12th Day of the Murder Trial in Lexington | #tinder | #pof

Boswell Murder Trial continues in Lexington’s Dawson County Courthouse on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

A Lincoln woman was the first witness on the stand Wednesday in the Bailey Boswell murder trial in Lexington.

Ashley Hills testified about a relationship she had with Boswell and Aubrey Trail that began in early July, 2017. About 3.5 months before Sydney Loofe was killed and dismembered.

Ashely Hills testified in the Bailey Boswell murder trial on Wednesday October 7, 2020 about her experience when being around Aubrey Trail and Boswell.

Hills says she met Boswell on the dating app Tinder. Boswell was using the name of Jenna on the app. Boswell and Trail had conversation of killing someone and do so under the pretenses of “witchcraft.”

In the Wilber apartment shared by Boswell and Trail, Hills said Trail showed her an item he described as Boswell’s kill bag that contained a sauna suit box and a hammer. Trail also told her that Boswell was turned on sexually by the thought of torturing someone.

Hills described Boswell as being joyful in her demeanor during those conversations and that her eyes would light up.

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