Boyfriend Beat His Girlfriend To Death And Set Dogs On Her On Her Birthday | #tinder | #pof

31-year-old Lucy Jackson-Stifanese shared the horrifying images of her revealing how she became the victim of domestic abuse by her Tinder date. She met Ben Robertson on dating app Tinder. Lucy fell for him and within days she started living with him.

After three months he beat her for the first time but Lucy didn’t admit the fact that he abused her. She inquired about him through Clare’s law. Clare’s law allows people to find out if their partner has a history of domestic violence or not.

One of the police officer requested her: “Leave her now, or you will die”. She said that he seemed perfect. He first started asking her to not to wear makeup.

One day he dragged naked Jackson from her bed and left her in the balcony of their flat. On her 31st birthday, he scarred her for life and set dog on her.

She said: “We argued as I wanted to go see my family, and he ordered the dog.” Lucy got 30 stitches on her face and arm. She also experienced blood transfusion and underwent plastic surgery.

Police officer told her that Robertson had physically attacked four other women and jailed at least two time. She then decided to leave her. Lucy filed complaint against her and January 8 was set as a first trial date. But Robertson had committed suicide before the court hearing.

She requested women to choose their partner carefully and checked their criminal history through Clare’s law. Lucy asked the public to speak to the police if your partner is abusing you. It could save your lives.

Clare’s law was introduced back in 2014 when a woman named Clares Wood was murdered by her husband. Later it was revealed that her boyfriend had a record of abusing women. Her father regretted that if he had known about his history he could save her life.

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