Brand-New Expat Dating #Site Arrives in 100 #Countries, Promises to #Connect Single #Expats #Internationally

Single expats are thrilled with the launch of a new dating site that will finally help them kick loneliness to the curb as they now have the means to connect with other members of their culture living abroad. The expat life can at times feel pretty empty when everyone around seems to have it all whereas a single expat only has a job that takes up one-third of the day, and the other two-thirds are wide open and unfulfilling.

According to the “Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation, and Forecast for the Worldwide Market” report released by market research and financial consultancy company Finaccord, there are more than 50 million expats living worldwide. This is a huge number that is only expected to grow in the future with relocation becoming more appealing and feasible thanks to technological advancements that connect us to any part of the world in a matter of minutes.

With these advancements in mind, it is only logical that expats are turning towards the Internet to find suitable matches and fall in love with other expats who are going through the same experiences and can relate on multiple levels. Traditional dating requires one simple prerequisite that most expats don’t have – a network. They know very few people, most of them from work who are busy with their own lives, and who might or might not have the time or wish to hang out with the “new guy”. But what all expats certainly have is internet access, hence there is no doubt that the future of expat romance at is looking more than bright.