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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke is dishing about her unconventional dating life of being ‘married and single.’

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is fresh off the heels of her removal from The Real Housewives of Orange County and she’s ready to speak her truth. The recently terminated show star has been making headlines over her new romance with Fernanda Rocha. But with Braunwyn still being legally married to Sean Burke, her dating life often leaves onlookers scratching their heads. However, according to Braunwyn, she’s happily ‘married and single‘ all at the same time.

It was late last month when Braunwyn and Fernanda made their first public appearance together as a couple. They attended a charity event where Braunwyn gushed over how “glad” she is to have met the former RHOC star. With Fernanda’s ex-wife only just filing for divorce earlier this year and Braunwyn still being married, it makes their sudden romance that much more questionable. It was last year when Braunwyn came out as lesbian following divorce rumors plaguing her and Sean. With Braunwyn finally living in her truth, she is happy and lucky enough to have a partner who fully understands and supports her.

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Braunwyn recently appeared on S’More Live Happy Hour and explained the status of her marriage with Sean and budding romance with Fernanda. “I’m married and I’m single,” she declared. When asked if she and Sean are considering a divorce or separation, Braunwyn revealed that Sean is “dating other people too.” When it comes to their status as a married couple, they’re “not making long term plans, we’re just taking it day by day,” she said. “We get along as family, we get along as friends, we don’t have to live together, whatever,” she added. Sean even jumped in the comments during the Live chat, “Hi everyone. I’m good btw. Our family has love and support for each other,” he said.

RHOC Braunwyn and Sean

With Braunwyn openly dating Fernanda, the Bravo star was asked how things are going with the RHOC season 6 star. “We’re dating, but we’re not exclusive, she’s getting out of a marriage too, we really love spending time together,” Braunwyn explained. Fernanda is the second romance Braunwyn has pursued since coming out as a lesbian. She briefly dated Kris, who she revealed she met on Tinder through an account a friend had set up for her. When confirming her relationship with Fernanda last month, Braunwyn told E! News how much of “an amazing support” Fernanda has been to her.

But with Fernanda being fresh out of a divorce from her ex-wife Tessa Rocha, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star made sure to note that she started dating Fernanda after she was already split from Tessa. “There have been some rumors about when we went from being friends to a little bit more than friends,” Braunwyn said. “It was after she got divorced so there’s nothing salacious like that happening. We’ve been hanging out for a while.”  Braunwyn and Sean share seven children together and intend on raising them together as a family. Her transparency will be missed on the show. For now, producers have decided to move in another direction and bring back some old faces like Heather Dubrow.

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Source: S’More Live Happy Hour, E! News

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