This Breakup Service Will Dump Your Partner For You


Thanks to The Breakup Shop, you can now pay strangers to end your relationship for you.
To counter the increasing stigma against “ghosting,” The Breakup Shop provides a relationship-ending service. For a fee, a stranger will send a text, email, or letter to your partner. Or, you can have them call your partner to let them know it’s over.

The service was founded back in November 2015 by Evan and Mackenzie Keast, two brothers from Canada. Mackenzie was inspired to launch The Breakup Shop after his girlfriend ghosted him. According to Evan, “She didn’t have the courage to break up with him herself.”

You can buy a breakup text or email for just 10 Canadian dollars. But if you want a more bougie breakup, you can pay 80 Canadian dollars for a “Breakup Gift Box,” which comes with cookies and wine.

As douche-y as it may seem to use this service, the Keast brothers stated that they would never say anything “offensive or damaging” in their breakup messages. The service has been used by “hundreds and hundreds” of customers to end relationships. Though many people are confused by this service, it just may be suited to our changing times.

With online dating increasing in popularity, people are more likely to form relationships with people outside of their schools, jobs, or social circles. With relationships being more available than ever, moving on without thoroughly patching things up may become the new norm. Thus, The Breakup Shop allows you to avoid an awkward confrontation without ghosting your partner. Personally, I’d rather be ghosted, but it’s interesting to watch social norms change in this age of online relationships.

When it comes to navigating today’s dating world, it’s harder than ever to trust people. You never know if you’ll end up ghosted, broken up with by a stranger, or given a box full of horse shit. Nowadays, building up your own self-confidence is vital. No matter how many ghosts and fuckboys are out there, you’ll be fine as long as you love yourself.



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