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Child rapist: Brett David Hill pleaded guilty to a final series of charges this week. He kidnapped and sexually assaulted a girl, 11, from a park near Newcastle, New South Wales, last June

To the many women he tried to pick up on Facebook, Brett David Hill seemed like just another desperado looking for love. 

Hill would call them ‘my love’ and ‘my baby’, post suggestive comments and claim he was just ‘keen to go out and have fun’ with them. 

But the 49-year-old was actually a sick predator who last year abducted and raped an 11-year-old girl in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal how, months before he committed the horrific attack, Hill tried to lure several women into his web with creepy messages.

A chilling cache of social media posts and texts sent to locals and his Malaysian internet girlfriend reveal Hill’s desperate attempts to snare a woman. 

In one cringeworthy message, Hill claimed he just couldn’t believe a woman on the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Single’s page didn’t have a boyfriend. 

‘Lol ur not single?’ he asked. 

‘Why not?’ the woman replied. 

‘Cause ur to pretty (sic),’ he said. 

Attempts at seduction: A series of posts made by Brett Hill to a local ‘singles’ Facebook group, about ten weeks before his arrest over his horrendous kidnapping of a schoolgirl

It all seemed like standard, lovey-dovey fare for someone on the dating scene. But what Hill admitted to doing in the NSW District Court this week is the stuff of nightmares. 

On June 12, 2018, Hill came at a schoolgirl walking through a park with a pair of scissors. 

Hill demanded the girl accompany him, drove her to bushland and sexually assaulted her for the next five hours. 

About 2.15pm, Hill released the girl at the Kotara railway station, and she quickly raised the alarm. 

Worried police were desperate to get the monster off the streets, lest he attack someone else. 

Within four days, detectives had tracked him down to the red sedan he lived in, arrested and charged him. 

‘I do love you’: How predator ditched online girlfriend -then went crawling back five days before horrific rape 

The Malaysian woman Brett Hill invited to live on a boat with him in Newcastle, New South Wales

As the publicity faded and Hill waited for his day in court, at least two women were left disturbed by their prior interactions with the rapist.  

The first was a Malaysian woman whom Hill had declared as his girlfriend. 

They had met online and Hill planned for the woman to fly to Australia to visit him.  

He texted her pictures of a yacht he was planning to buy for the two of them onboard. 

But she was confused by his proposal to live on the water.

‘You use for what?’ the woman asked in a text message. 

‘Living on,’ Hill said.

‘You and me??’ she asked.

Hill then sent her a photo of the boat’s interior and said ‘I can have it in the middle of my city’.

He told the woman ‘I do love you’ and repeatedly called her ‘babe’.

But the couple’s online romance flared out after she told him she had got a new job in Kuala Lumpur.  

Hill, above, sends the woman a photo of the interior of a boat he was thinking of buying – so they could live together in Newcastle Harbour

‘I’m not going on with us anymore,’ Hill announced, wishing her luck in the future. 

But, just five days before he kidnapped the schoolgirl, Hill came crawling back. 

‘Where r u my love’, he asked, with two crying emojis.  ‘Do u not want to be with me’.

The woman could only reply: ‘I dont kn0w’.

Hill said: ‘I take that as a no.No worries take care . Bye’.

The woman previously said was ‘shocked’ by the charges, which she only learned about when contacted by one of Hill’s friends. 

After his arrest, she furnished Daily Mail Australia with more than a dozen messages they exchanged over a period of three months. 

Some of the final messages Hill exchanged with a woman who claimed to live in Malaysia

The end: Days before the attack, Hill came crawling back to the Malaysian woman, asking ‘where r u my love’

A second woman who interacted with Hill online – a local – said she was driven to deleting him off Facebook because ‘he was very strange’.  

The woman, who did not want to be named, was told Hill had an online girlfriend from Malaysia, but that he also claimed to be talking to ‘another one too from overseas somewhere’.  

Hill had been married, and had been in a separate long-term relationship, before the attacks. 

But before his arrest Hill had attempted to sell off an engagement ring on a Buy/Swap/Sell page.

Meanwhile, he lurked on Plenty of Fish and the local dating page, seeking female attention from anyone who deigned to give it to him.  

‘An absolute hero’: How 11-year-old’s ‘strength, composure and resilience’ led to the police arrest – and her father got the final say  

A long path to guilty: The vagrant eventually pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to the abduction and assault 

For police and the family of Hill’s victim, the path to justice was a long one. It took sixteen months for the vagrant to plead guilty to 12 charges.

The charges included kidnapping, seven counts of aggravated sexual assault and four counts relating to possessing child abuse material and ‘using’ a child to make such material.  

He pleaded guilty to offences in dribs and drabs, in February, May and finally on Wednesday of this week, when he admitted to three final sex assault charges. Prosecutors withdrew four further charges.  

Even at the last minute his court proceedings were plagued with drama. 

Hill’s judge-alone trial was meant to start on Monday, but he was taken to hospital for unknown reasons on Sunday and did not return to court until later in the week. 

Sadly, his admissions did not spare the victim from the ordeal of having to give evidence against him, regional newspaper The Newcastle Herald reported. 

The Herald said the victim’s evidence was recorded earlier this year, as is customary for victims of child sexual abuse who testify in court.

The Newcastle park where Hill kidnapped the girl in June 2018

The victim was last year praised for her strength and resilience by the principal of her primary school.  

‘There is much to take heart from the wonderful way our community has come together to support the little girl, her family and each other,’ the headmaster.

‘(Our school) will not be defined by this event, nor will the little girl who suffered such horrible injustice.

‘This little girl is an absolute hero. 

‘Her strength, composure and resilience has led to the police arrest which has made all Newcastle children safer.

‘She is a credit to her family and the teachers who have shaped the development of this amazing person.’ 

As for Hill, his sentencing will begin on December 17. 

As was led away to face the prospect of decades behind bars this week, the girl’s parents had the final word. 

Her father, who watched the proceedings, yelled out: ‘Enjoy prison, mate’. 

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